Photo Recovery of Deleted Photos

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Most people refer photos with different names like photo, image, picture, photograph etc. However, In general, we can categorize photos as the one, which gets generated from digital camera, camcorder or the scanned images using a digital scanner. Whereas the images (like vector graphics, clipart etc.) are mostly generated using graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop, MS-Paint etc.

While computer generated images are extremely important as graphics projects to develop websites, brochures and many other stuff. Photos make memory of special and precious moments vivid. However, many mishaps occur where you end up deleting all your photos. For example selecting “Delete All” button in your camera while reviewing photos or formatting your memory card or accidentally deleting your entire photo library from your PC, such things often happen and can be depressing.

How do you end up deleting photos?

Usually people end up deleting photos from their PC or laptop, memory cards, USB drives and most of the time directly from their cameras and phones. Some of the frequent situations or instances due to which people lose their priceless memories are:

  • While trying to delete a bad photo or image, mistakenly choosing “Delete All” button in your camera
  • While fiddling with the menu, accidentally deleting photos from your camera or mobile phone
  • Sudden power surge or system shutdown in between file transfer may lead to deletion of photos
  • By mistake deleting the wrong partition having photos, when trying to delete the other one
  • Formatting the memory card, OS re-installation, making dual OS partition, file system corruption etc can also be the reason for deletion of photos.

How to recover deleted photos?

If any of the above scenarios happen, then it is recommended to immediately stop using the storage media (memory card, camera, hard drive, USB drive etc) to avoid overwriting of the data, which may cause permanent deletion of the photos. When you delete a photo from your memory card, PC or any other storage media, it can be recovered easily because only the space having the file is marked as free space. Hence, if that space is not used or overwritten by a new data then it can be retrieved without any difficulty by using recovery software.

Why Yodot Photo Recovery software?

Yodot Photo Recovery software is specialized photo recovery tool which could recover deleted photos from any type of storage media and from any sort of data loss scenarios. It can easily recover RAW images which are generated by digital cameras like DSLRs and computer generated images like vector, clip arts, PSD, BMP file etc. It can even recover the whole photo library created using Picasa, Adobe and other photo management tools.

Most importantly, Yodot Photo Recovery tool facilitates preview of recovered photos before restoration and the RAW search feature enable you to search and recover specific photos / images with help of their unique signatures. You can recover lost photos from memory cards, hard drives, external drives and other storage devices.

Steps to follow

After downloading and installing YoDot Photo Recovery software, run the application and follow the below steps

  • After selecting the “Recover Deleted Photos” option, the software will display the available drives
  • Choose the drive, from which you want to recover photos
  • After scanning process ends, select the desired image files that you want to retrieve
  • Preview photos to confirm selection before restoration
  • Use “Save Recovery Session” option to save the recovery info to avoid re-scanning of the drive after actual purchase of the software
  • After activating the application, choose the destination location to save the recovered photos
  • If “Recover Deleted Photos” option is not able to help then repeat the process by selecting the option “Recover Lost Photos”

Tips for Deleted Photo Recovery:

  • Do not use your digital camera to capture more photos after deletion to avoid any overwriting of deleted data
  • Before using save scan information make sure the drive is in the same order as they were when you scanned the drive
  • Do not use the camera while it's battery power is low

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