Restore Lost Files from Acer Iconia Smart Cell Phone

You have an Acer Iconia Smart Android phone from which you have captured plenty of pictures and when you further take photos, you got an error message saying that “Memory is full”. So you thought of deleting photos that were not good enough. But instead of deleting bad photos, you selected “Delete All” option by mistake. Now you could not see a single photo on your Acer Android phone and you won’t get chance to capture those happy moments once again.

In such situation, you may question yourself whether those photos can be recovered back or lost forever? The answer is yes, it is possible to get back photos lost from Acer Iconia Smartphone with the assistance of data recovery software. But before using the tool, you have to follow certain steps to avoid permanent loss of pictures from your Acer Smartphone. Firstly you should stop capturing new photos or videos using your Acer phone and do not save any new files onto it.

Following listed are some of the situations which might lead to loss of files from Acer Iconia Smart phone:

  • Deletion of Files: When Acer Iconia Smart is connected to the computer, the files and folders present on it might get deleted by chance while deleting unwanted ones. Sometimes, antivirus software scanning your Acer Iconia Smartphone may delete few files if they are infected by viruses
  • OS Corruption: The operating system of Acer Iconia may get corrupted due to boot area damage, power fluctuation, incorrect shut down etc and if this happens, it does not allow you to access any data from Acer phone
  • Memory Card Corruption: After connecting Acer Iconia Smartphone to PC, you may see a error message like “Unsupported file system”, “Blank Media” or “format the drive now”, etc. These errors appear due to the corruption of memory card as a result of file system corruption, virus infections, improper handling of Android phone which leads to complete loss of data

About Yodot Software

In addition to photos, you could also lose videos, music files, APK files or other documents from Acer Iconia Smartphone. However, one solution to get rid of all these tensions is to employ a proficient tool like Yodot Android Data Recovery to save and rescue lost files from Acer Iconia Smartphone. This software dynamically scans both the internal and external memory of the Acer phone to identify and recover your photos, videos, songs and other data files including Android Application Package (APK) files in short time. Yodot Android recovery software is designed to get deleted, lost or missing data from various Android Smartphones like Samsung, HTC, Sony Xperia, Micromax, LG, Dell, Motorola, etc on Windows platform no matter what is the cause for data loss.

Steps to get files back from Acer Iconia Smartphone

Suggestion: Yodot Android Data Recovery tool supports recovery of data from Android Smartphone that works in USB Mass Storage (UMS) mode and it doesn’t support MTP and PTP modes.

  • First of all connect your Acer Iconia Smart phone to the computer
  • A soon as you connect it to your computer, select the option “Mass storage” from it
  • Now download Yodot Android Data Recovery software and install it to your computer
  • Once the software gets installed completely, run it to begin the recovery process
  • You will find two options on the main screen i.e. “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select any one out of the two to proceed further
  • The software now checks and displays the drive that represents Android device
  • Now click on “Next” and let the software to start the scanning process
  • On the next window you can see all the files present in the Android phone’s storage drive
  • Click on the files that you need to recover or click on “SKIP” to select all the files by default
  • Make use of “Preview” option to view files before recovering and at last save recovered files in a desired location

Helpful Tips

  • It is a good idea to mark your important files as read-only or make copies of them periodically
  • Do not attempt to add any files on your Acer Iconia Smart after you delete or lost data from it as it might lead to data overwriting
  • It is necessary to maintain backup of essential files prior to any deletion from Acer Smartphone

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