Get Back Data from Android External SD Card

Millions of Android users are using SD card as an external storage device to store movies, photos, music and other files in their Smartphone or tablet. This tiny storage device plays significant role by extending storage capacity of your Android device. However, many of Android users often experience data loss on externally connected SD card under different circumstances. Are you one among them? Looking for a solution to get back data from Android external SD card?.

Here comes the good news for all Android users as they can easily recover data from external SD card used in different Android devices now. This tutorial offers the best assistance to Android users who want to retrieve deleted or lost data from Android external SD card. Before, you proceed to know about recovering files from Android external SD card, look at following information to know more about circumstances where you may lose data from Android SD card as given below:

  • Virus attacks to SD card on Android device may result in severe loss as these clever programs may turn data inaccessible on Android external SD card
  • Users often forget to save backup before formatting externally connected SD card on the Android tablet or Smartphone and lose all files after intentional or unintentional formatting
  • Loss of data takes place when you eject external SD card from your Android device during read/write operation or file transfer operation
  • Using Android SD card on different devices may cause file system corruption and hence you cannot access data on SD card
  • Users may delete few valuable files on Android device while removing useless data from externally connected SD card

Android external SD card recovery tool

Yodot Android Data Recovery is the most convenient tool to restore files deleted or lost from Android external SD card. This software provides highly sophisticated features to ease the process of data recovery from SD card and other external storage media on Android devices. It takes less time to recover songs, videos, games, audio recordings, photos, APK files and other Android data from formatted, corrupted or inaccessible SD card on Android device. This utility can be used to restore data from Android tablet SD card as well as from SD cards on Android Smartphones. This android data recovery application is compatible with computers running on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS versions. You can employ this app to retrieve data from external SD card used in Android devices empowered by Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Micromax, Lenovo, HTC, Karbonn and other manufacturers.

Steps to perform external SD card data recovery on Android with a few clicks:

  • Connect your Android device having external SD card to the Windows system through the USB cable and select UMS mode
  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery application to same system
  • Launch the software to start Android external SD card recovery process. You will get two options on the main screen i.e. ”Delete File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Now the android recovery program sets up connection with the computer to detect and display all drives available in your Android device
  • Click on an appropriate option depending on data loss event occurred on external SD card in your Android device
  • Select external SD card from which you need to retrieve data and click on “Next” option
  • The software scans the SD card and displays all recovered files in two different views i.e., “File Type View” and “Data View”
  • If you want to see restored files before saving them, use “Preview” option
  • For safety of the restored files, you are required to save them to another storage location that is different from the Android external SD card

Points to keep in mind!

  • Don’t save any file on Android SD card after you encounter massive data loss
  • Before you proceed to format externally connected SD card in Android copy valuable data to other storage device
  • Don’t use your Android SD card on other virus infected devices and use a good antivirus program to scan the SD card regularly