Regain Partition Data from Android

“My Android device has three partitions internal memory with two partitions and external SD card with single partition. One partition of internal memory had OS files and another with data which I had stored. However, I had connected my Android device to computer in order to format partition of SD card as it contained unwanted files. But instead of selecting SD card partition, I have mistakenly chosen internal partition that hold important files and formatted it. Is there any way which I can implement to get partition data from my Android?’

Like Windows computer, Android devices also use partitions to organize files and folders on it. Basically Android contains internal as well as external partition which is SD card. Each partition has a specific role in the functionality of your Android device. Internal memory of Android device contains boot, system, recovery, data, cache, and misc partitions. Boot partition, as the name suggests is the partition that enables your Android device to boot. System partition contains entire operating system that helps to run your Android phone or Tablet. Recovery partition is an alternative boot partition which lets you boot your Android device in a recovery console in case of sudden turn off or crash, whereas Cache partition stores frequently accessed data. The data partition keeps the data which you add in Android device whereas misc partition holds miscellaneous system settings.

However, like above situation you may mistakenly format the partition that contains important files and folders. Besides above situation, following are the other reasons applicable for partition data loss from Android device:

  • Factory Reset: One of the best features in Android device is factory reset it will help you to improve your Android devices performance by clearing junk files or any other files that decreases speed of Android device. But disadvantage of using this feature is that it will erase entire data from Android device and keeps only those files which were present at the time of purchase. If you add any file to android partition after purchase, then it will be deleted without leaving a single one
  • Virus Attack: When you use internet to access information or to download any file, then viruses may unknowingly enter your Android device and if viruses are very dangerous, then it might corrupt Android partition and makes it impossible to view data from it
  • OS Upgrade: Upgrading Android operating system does not remove your files, it just replaces OS file with new one. However, if Android device shuts down in the middle while upgrading process is going on, then existing partition on Android device might display error message and stops you from accessing its data

Android partition data recovery tool:

Yodot Android Data Recovery software is the quick result giving tool that will completely scan and restore whole data from Android partition on Windows computer. It will show both internal Android phone memory and external SD card memory partition separately, so that you can choose whichever you need. You can even see different folders created on Android partition and choose them to regain data from it. It gives you an option called “Skip” which automatically selects all files without making you to select them one by one. One of the useful features of this software is that it can show you the preview of retrieved media files like photos, videos and music which gives you clear cut idea on how files will look after recovery. Also it can restore lost DIR files in Android Smartphone or Tablet from its specific partition and files which you have downloaded from Google play.

Important Note: Yodot Android Data Recovery software supports only those Android devices which run on UMS mode. It does not work on other mode of connectivity. Also, this software does not recover data from partition that contain OS files on your Android device.

Instructions for retrieving files from Android partition:

  • Connect Android phone or Tablet to your Windows computer and tap on “UMS” mode
  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery software
  • Once you have completely fished the procedure of installing the software run it to begin data recovery process
  • As the first screen appears, you will get two main options named “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose anyone option with respect to the situation you have faced
  • Now both internal as well as external SD card partition will be displayed to you
  • Select required one and proceed further by hitting on “Next” button
  • Pick recoverable files; otherwise click on “Skip” to select all file types by default
  • Now the files will be displayed in two view types namely “Data View” and file type view
  • Select files by utilizing these two views for easy selection
  • Preview recovered media files and at last save them on a desired location on your PC hard drive

Tips which may help you:

  • Carryout upgrading process only when you have taken backup of important files saved on Android device
  • Do not visit any site from your Android device unless you download good antivirus software