Restore Deleted Photos, Videos and Songs from Android SD Card

“I have made SD card as default storage location on my Android Smartphone and every time when I clicked photos; downloaded video or audio files, it used to store in SD card. Due to over usage, my Android phone’s SD card was displaying ‘memory full’ message. So, I have connected Android SD card to computer and gave command to transfer folder containing photos, videos and audio files. However, while moving files my computer stopped working and displayed blank white window suddenly. I had no other option but to shut it down forcefully from main switch. Now, folder containing photos, videos and music files went missing from both my SD card and computer. Does anyone know how can I get those deleted photos, videos and music files from Android SD card?”

At the time of managing photos, videos and music files on Android SD card, you might come across a situation like above that make you to lose media files from it. Even though many android devices gives users an option to backup important files in online server, most of the users do not make use of it and at the same time non-technical users are not aware of its uses. Such situation cause deletion of media files from Android devices such as Smartphones and Tablets

Predictable reasons behind deletion of pictures, videos and music files from Android SD card:

  • Inadvertent Deletion: Almost all android devices are touch screen based which help to view your files by just tapping on it.However, sometimes you may mistakenly press on wrong option and delete folder holding vital images, movies and music files from Android device
  • Antivirus Scanning: If you install and run antivirus software on your Android device, then it might clean up viruses present in it and enhance its speed. At the same time, it may remove photo, video and audio files containing viruses without any notification
  • Formatting: While changing settings of your Android device or when it is connected to Windows computer, you may accidentally click on “Format” option. When you format Android SD card, you will erase complete data from it including pictures, videos and music files

Android SD card recovery software:

For now, take a deep breath and start restoring your favorite collections of songs, videos and music by using software like Yodot Android Data Recovery. Users will get back beloved photos, music files and videos without damaging its original quality. It has simple graphical user interface that assists users in restoring all files without the need of asking anyone’s help to regain files from Android phone or Tablet. The good thing to know about the software is that it will allow you to restore entire data from both internal and external memory of Android device running with Froyo, Ice cream sandwich, Ginger Bread and Jelly Bean Android OS versions. For more information on how to recover digital media files such as photos, videos and music, download free demo version of this Android data recovery software and try restoring files which can be saved later by activating full version.

Directions to use this software for recovering photos, videos and music files:

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software and install it to your Windows software
  • After completing the installation process, run it to commence data recovery process
  • Main screen shows up two options namely “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Soon after you choose appropriate option, software displays drives present in your computer
  • Select Android device SD card detected upon your computer and start scanning process
  • After completion of scanning, software shows recovered files in ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’
  • Mark files and folders that you need to recover and save them to location you prefer on your computer

Useful Tips:

  • Make sure that you keep copy of extra files in your computer before carrying out any action with Android device
  • Think twice before you give command to format SD card on Android Smartphone and Tablet