Data Retrieval from Bricked Android Tablet

Invention of Android operating system has made mobile devices much smarter than before. Nowadays Android Tablets become the number one choice for users across the world due to its distinctive features. The nonstop development of new apps makes people desire to own Android tablets. One may find how different Android Tablet is from others. However, the well-know fact is data loss that happens from Android tablet is never different from Smart devices that work on other platforms.

The reasons behind deletion or loss of files or folders from Android Tablet are differ from users’ mis-operation to some technical blunders. The frequently occurred problem is bricked Android Tablet. Do you think bricked Android Tablet means the device is enclosed with bricks? Obviously not!!! Well, dead or inoperable Android Tablet due to some software or hardware problems is termed as the bricked Android Tablet. One can indicate the bricked Android Tablet using following symptoms, such as:

  • After displaying the vendor logo the Android Tablet get stuck up
  • The Android Tablet cannot get charged
  • Your PC will fail to detect that Android device
  • Android operating system won’t boot up normally, etc

The several causes behind bricked Android device are faulty or unauthenticated application installation, failure in resetting Android Tablet factory settings, the incompatible custom RAM used in Android Tablet, etc. This kind of issues are complex and are not rare, as most of the Android users are experiencing such troubles. Due to these critical problems, you may be unable to access your valuable data from Android Tablet. Although, your priceless and essential data preserved in bricked Android tablet in safe, these obstacles can be overcome using efficient Yodot Android Data Recovery software.

Bricked Android tablet recovery software:

Yodot Android Data Recovery utility can bring back different files from bricked Android tablet on Windows system. User can extract photos, videos, music files, APK files and other file formats from dead or inoperable Android tablet within few mouse clicks. As the application is designed with straightforward guidelines, even user with less technical knowledge can rescue inaccessible data from bricked Android device installed with Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Ginger Bread and Froyo Android operating systems. Adding to above points, this program is capable of retrieving data from different brands of Android tables such as Sony Ericson, BlackBerry, LG, Samsung, Acer, Micromax, HTC, Motorola and many more on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Steps to get data from bricked Android tablet:

Note: Software is capable of recognizing Android devices that gets connected to system via UMS mode i.e. USB Mass Storage; it doesn’t support for MTP / PTP mode of connectivity.

  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery program to a your Windows system
  • Connect bricked Android tablet to that Windows system
  • Launch the installed tool and follow the main screen instructions
  • In first screen you will find all the available drives of Windows system along with externally connected bricked Android tablet
  • Select the drive that indicates your bricked Android Table and click on “Next” button
  • In next screen choose “Lost File Recovery” option to get back inaccessible or missing data from dead Android tablet
  • Later this software will star to scan selected devices
  • On completion of scanning process, the application displays all the lost files and folders from bricked Android tablet
  • Last of all, save your regained data to your preferred location on Windows system

Important tips:

  • Do not install unauthenticated or unsecure apps into your Android tablet
  • Follow standard way while restoring or resetting the Android tablet to its factory settings
  • Use appropriate data recovery software to restore erased or lost data from bricked Android Tablet
  • Do not save recovered data to the same bricked Android tablet in order to prevent overwriting of data