Retrieve Data from Bricked Nexus 7

“Hi, I had rooted my Nexus 7 Android tablet running on Android 4.4 Jelly Bean OS for some purposes. After months of usage, my tablet had stopped working now; I am not able to turn it ON and access its data. There are lots of important files which I had lost with the bricked Nexus 7 Android phone. What can I do now to get back data from my bricked Nexus 7? Please help me suggesting a way to get back data from Nexus 7. Thanks in advance…”

When firmware or low level system software gets overwritten, then the device gets bricked. Bricking means the electronic device entering into a state where it won’t get powered ON or function usually. Even the Nexus 7 Android tablets get into this condition in some adverse conditions. Nexus 7 is the Android tablet from Google with lot of smart features. It is very lighter compared to the previous models of Nexus and has longer battery life. It has sharpest 7” tablet screen, with customizable space for individuals.

However, while using and enjoying using Nexus 7, if you want to have more out of it and know some coding; then you may think of creating and installing an app by rooting the phone. Doing so may be risky sometimes as discussed in above scenario. If such things happen after rooting your Nexus 7 tablet, then you need not worry. You can restore data from bricked Nexus 7 using accurate Android data retrieval software like Yodot Android Data Recovery, which can recover data from Google Nexus 7 Tablet in various scenarios as given below:

  • Google nexus 7 Tablet might turn bricked while updating a firmware, if the process stops due to low battery shutdown or for any other reason
  • Somebody might have hacked your Nexus 7 phone via any near network or who is familiar with the OS code that may leave it in bricked state

In such situations, you can try to unbrick Nexus 7 using Android factory image from Google; the phone will start working normally but entire data in it will be wiped out. If you want your data back, then you can restore data from bricked Nexus 7 by making use of Yodot Android Data Recovery software on your Windows computer.

Bricked Nexus 7 data restoration software:

Yodot Android Data Recovery software helps you bring back lost data from bricked Google Nexus 7 Android tablet on your computer. This tool is simple to use and has interactive GUI to help users with any level of technical knowledge to accomplish data recovery in simple steps. It can identify almost all file types from your Android tablet by its powerful scanning mechanism. This software helps you get back data like photos, videos, audios, .apk files and other files from bricked Nexus 7 Tablet. Not only Nexus 7, but you can also retrieve data from other Android Tablets and Smartphones. The utility works compatible with computers and laptops installed with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 OS. It supports data restoration from variety of Android devices with Android Jellybean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread and Froyo OS. Try the demo version now to discover more features.

Note: It is necessary for the Android device to get detected in UMS mode on your computer for Yodot Android Data Recovery to be used for data recovery from the device.

Procedural steps to retrieve data from bricked Nexus 7:

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software on your PC and install it
  • Plug in Nexus 7 tablet to the computer and run installed software
  • Select “Lost File Recovery” from main screen from home page
  • The software detects Nexus 7 on the computer, then click on “Next”
  • Select icon of bricked Nexus 7 tablet and hit on “Next”
  • Software displays file types in the next screen, where you can select the desired file types which you want to restore from Nexus 7 and click on “Next”
  • The tool starts scanning and displays the result in “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Click files for selection and click on “Save” option to save recovered files on a computer drive


  • Do not root Nexus 7 and take a chance of bricking it by hackers
  • Keep backup of your important data on Nexus 7 on another storage device