Dell Android Phone Data Recovery

Have you ever lost your crucial files from your Dell Android smartphone? And looking for a way to recover your files such as audio, videos, applications and pictures from your phones memory card. You need not worry. There are ways to recover them.

Dell Android phones are very popular among mobile users. Snapping photos, recording videos, games and other multimedia features are some of the basic features of this smart phones. Nowadays people depend heavily on these cell phones to carry vital information which can be stored on the Dell phones SD card.

Although these phones are very powerful. But at times, you find it difficult to access your apps and other files such as pictures, audio files, videos, mail attachments and other files stored due to card corruption and other reasons. Few of them are mentioned below:

Some of the scenarios which lead to data loss from Dell phone

  • Card Corruption: Memory card corruption due to unknown errors leads to inaccessibility of SD card and in turn leads to data loss
  • Human Errors: Accidentally deleting files from Dell phones or accidental format are one of the main reasons for data loss on Dell phones.
  • Mishandling the phones memory card: Removing the card when phone in use or ejecting the memory card during write process also leads to data loss from Dell
  • Virus Infection: Deadly virus / malware attack to the Dell phone when connected to computer also result in data loss from cell phone
  • Data Transfer Error: The data from the memory card may get lost when there is a sudden power surge while transferring data from Dell phone and PC or vice versa

However, you can recover your lost or deleted data from your Dell Android smartphone due to any of the above mentioned scenarios by using Yodot Android Data Recovery Software.

How Yodot helps you in recovering data from Dell smartphone?

The software uses advanced built in algorithm which makes the software possible to recover all your lost or deleted data from your Dell cell phone. The tool helps you in recovering all type of files such as music, images, applications (.apk), video clips and etc. Additional to this recovers from both phones internal storage memory and external memory card.

How to recover Dell phone using the software?

    Note: Software is capable of recognizing Android devices (Smartphone’s and Tablets) that gets connected to system via UMS mode i.e. USB Mass Storage; it doesn’t support for MTP / PTP mode of connectivity

  • Connect your Dell Android smartphone to your laptop / desktop and let the phone get detected
  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery Software
  • Open the software and follow the main screen procedure
  • You’ll find two options from the main screen “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose “Deleted File Recovery” option to retrieve your deleted Dell Android data or select “Lost File Recovery” option to retrieve your lost Dell data
  • The Application detects your Android device, select the device and click on “Next” button
  • The software scans the whole Dells SD card and displays all the recoverable data
  • Choose the files which you want to recover and click on “Next” button
  • You can also preview the photo files before saving them
  • Browse for the destination location to save your rescued data(Not on your Dell mobile)


  • Install an updated antivirus software program to combat deadly viruses and malwares
  • It is recommended to not use your Dell phone after any data loss scenario
  • Always copy your Dell phones vital data to an external storage device such as CDs or DVDs
  • Avoid accidental deletion or formatting your SD card by making use of “write protect” knob
  • Don’t remove your android smartphone during transfer process between your Dell phone and computer