Undelete Files from Android Tablet Internal Memory

“I deleted some files from the internal memory of my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I just wanted to keep back of the photos that were saved in internal memory to my system hard drive, but ended up in permanently deleting entire photos folder from internal memory of Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I haven’t used the Tablet since deletion, so I am sure that photos can be recovered; but I am pretty confused about the software has to be implied to get back deleted contents from Tablet. Thanks!”

Android Tablets, comes with internal memory as well external memory slot. Most of the users prefer to keep internal memory as much free as possible as it may slow down the performance of device. There are various ways in which internal memory of Android Tablet can be freed and the simplest one is by deleting unwanted data. While deleting irrelevant information from internal memory of Android Tablet, there are chances of deleting valuable files along with unwanted stuff. Noted below are some reasons that lead to deletion of files from Android Tablet:

  • Deleting files when Android Tablet is connected to system for transfering files or by Anti-virus software while scanning Tablet
  • Use of improper third party applications (apps) can lead to deletion of files that were saved in internal memory of Android Tablet
  • Abrupt removal of Android Tablet from system when files are being shared can lead to deletion of valuable data
  • Restoring Android Tablet to its factory settings without proper knowledge erases all files from Tablet’s internal memory that were saved after purchasing device

Deletion of files from Android Tablet can occur at any point of time and hence necessary precautions have to be taken, i.e. user must secure all important data on separate destination location regularly. Some users forgot to take backup of data saved on Tablet on other storage drive; such users need not worry much as it is possible to get back files that have been deleted from internal memory of Tablet with the use of Yodot Android Data Recovery utility.

Android Tablet file recovery software

Yodot Android Data Recovery application is the best answer for users who want to recover deleted files from Android Tablet internal memory. This software is provided with advanced options to scan and retrieve deleted files from internal memory of Android Tablet. It has been included with effective scanning techniques that allow user to carefully select required file types that need to be rescued; view recovered media files and to save those files any location users prefer on their system. You can easily get back deleted files from Android Tablet which includes pictures, videos, audio files, .apk files and other documents in less duration of time.

Guidelines to recover deleted files from Android Tablet’s internal memory

Note: Make sure your Android Tablet supports UMS mode of connection to PC as Yodot Android Data Recovery program works on UMS enabled devices

  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery software in a healthy Windows computer
  • Launch the program and from main screen of the software click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’
  • From the next screen, mark the drive i.e. Android Tablet from where data has to be restored
  • After selecting the Android Tablet, user can initiate data recovery procedure
  • View scanning process with the help of progress bar provided in next screen
  • Once the scanning of Android Tablet is completed, user can view restored media files
  • Save rescued data to any storage media as preferred by user

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Before hitting on delete option cross check files that needs to be deleted from Android Tablet
  • Avoid installation of unknown third party apps in Android Tablets internal memory as it might affect data saved on it
  • Keep backup of important files saved on internal memory of Android Tablets on reliable external storage media