Get Back Deleted Folder from Android Phone

“I am currently using Samsung Galaxy Android phone and I am quite happy with its features. But while erasing an unwanted folder from it, I have mistakenly deleted a folder that contained important files like photos and some APK files. One of my friends has told me that once the folder is deleted, it cannot be recovered at any cost. Can anyone tell me is it true or there is any way to restore the deleted folder from my Android phone?”.

The above mentioned situation is one of the examples which can be seen in online forums. In case you are looking answer for similar question then you will find appropriate answer in this page. Before you go further to know the solution for your problem, let us have a glance over the situation responsible for folder loss from Android phone. You may already know the situation that leads to lose folder from Android phone but still we have collected few causes which might help you to overcome folder loss from Android phone in future. Here are few of the reasons liable for folder loss from Android phone:

  • Accidental formatting:Formatting storage device of Android device will clear entire data from it. Formatting can be done when Android phone is infected with the viruses or the files present in it are not so important. But most of the Android phone users have average knowledge about Android phone and they might click on “Format” option while fiddling with the menu. This will delete entire data including folders from your Android phone.
  • Virus attack:Many users make use of Android phone to use internet and to download certain files and applications. Before downloading any file or program they should scan it with antivirus software. But if you proceed further to download then folders becomes shortcut due to viruses and it will not show files present in it
  • Transfer interference:When transfer process of folders is going on from Android phone to your Windows computer, you should not interrupt it by pulling out Android phone cable. If you do so or transfer process is terminated due to power failure then you will lose those folders which were supposed to transfer
  • Losing folder while moving:You may sometimes prefer to move folder from internal memory of Android phone to the external storage device when internal memory is out of space. But at the time of moving, mistakenly you may press on “Delete” option instead of “Move”. This will completely remove the folder from your Android phone.

Android Folder Recovery software:

As Android OS does not provide manual way to recover your folder, you should make use of Yodot Android Data Recovery. Yodot Android Data Recovery is one such software which can help you in this regard. This application has got the potential to undelete files, folders and even APK files from your Android phone. During the recovery process it does not harm any file or application present in your computer and Android phone and hence guarantees safe recovery of your files. You can view number of recovered items and at the same time preview recovered media files using this application. It can be used to restore folders from Android phone running with Froyo, Gingerbread, and ice-cream sandwich and Jelly Bean.

Note: Use this application only if the Android Phone supports UMS mode. If it does not support UMS mode then you cannot recover folder by making use of this software

Steps to regain folder from Android Phone:

  • Connect Android phone to your Windows computer and click on “USB Mass Storage” mode
  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery Software to the connected computer
  • You will find two options on the main screen which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose any of the one to go further
  • The tool scans and displays Android drive, choose the device and click on “Next” button
  • Allow the scanning process to complete
  • After scanning the software displays a list of recoverable files from Android cell phone
  • Preview media files before saving them using “Preview” option
  • At last, save rescued folder to your desired location

Useful Tips:

  • Do not use “Move” option while transferring folder from internal memory to storage device in Android Phone. Make use of “Copy” option
  • Download Antivirus software to your Android phone before using internet