How to Recover Deleted Songs on Android?

Android cell phone is the most asked device in all the cell phone stores throughout the world. People nowadays are buying cell phones installed with Android OS as it has many outstanding features preinstalled in it, which can complete your task efficiently. There are many apps, games and other tools available especially for Android devices in the internet which will help you in many ways. Take an example Android phone has reminders for carrying out the task, alarms to wake you up early, automatic email alerts to keep you updated with your work, weather forecast and many others.

The best thing about Android phones is that they come with an external storage device that can store different types of files in them as desired by the user. High quality music files can be captured and stored either in device memory or in external memory card. Sometimes it so happens that while trying to remove one of the music files from the cell phone, you accidentally end up deleting all of them from the respective folder.

Now this must make you upset as you had not backed up the particular folder in the system. Calm yourself! There is no need to get worried. It is true that your music file is deleted, but it’s not true that it is permanently lost. Only the links of the deleted songs would have been removed so that new information can be added in that place. You can easily get to know how to recover deleted music from Android phone by using effective Android data recovery tool.

Mentioned below are some of the scenarios that lead to the deletion of music files from Android Cell Phone:

  • While trying to delete one of the music files from your Android device you accidentally select all the files and delete them
  • Formatting the Android device without keeping backup of contents will prove to be a great loss as the entire data will be gone within blink of an eye
  • Sometimes the antivirus application installed in your Android device may delete your music files along with other infected files without user’s confirmation
  • Using the delete option from the keyboard when your Android device is connected to the system for sharing of some contents will cause permanent deletion of the music files as they bypass Windows Recycle Bin folder

Know about Android Data Recovery tool:

Yodot Android Data Recovery is well known application by major computer users, who have used it for getting back deleted music files from Android Phone and Tablets. Simple graphical user interface and highly advanced features will allow you to perform data restoration process effectively without going through any glitches. Including the recovery of deleted music files, this tool can restore other file types that are present in your Android phone like photos, documents, videos and .apk files. After the completion of the data retrieval process, user can preview the restored information before saving them on the desired location as available to host operating system user.

Simple procedure to undelete your songs from Android Phone:

  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery tool in the system by logging in as Local System Administrator
  • Run the application from the icon that is provided in desktop
  • Now connect the device to the system, hit on UMS mode that is available on the screen and proceed with Android Data Recovery Tool
  • In the main screen you will be provided with two options “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery
  • You need to click on Deleted File Recovery option as audio files had been accidentally deleted
  • After this the recovery tool will detect device and display it on screen
  • Now here after clicking on the Next button will get you to the screen where the device will be displayed
  • Select the drive, the internal memory or external memory from where music file was deleted and click on Next button
  • Now in Next window the restored music files will be listed in particular order and you can view them in “Data View” or “File Type View” as desired
  • Select the music files and browse for the desired location where music files should be saved

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep a backup of all the music files in a separate drive
  • Install good antivirus application in the system to prevent from virus infection
  • Double check the files before deleting them