Get Back Deleted Photos and Videos from Internal Memory of Android Phones

“I recently erased photos and videos from internal memory of my Android phone thinking those files are no more required. But, later I found necessity of those erased files and I don’t have other copy of these erased files. How can I recover deleted photos and videos from internal memory of Android phone? Someone please suggest proper methods to extract these erased Android files.”

Android phones are the most brilliant digital gadgets that have efficient way to explore the world. One can capture amazing pictures, record HD videos, listen music, watch movies, chat with friends, navigate places, send /receive emails and many more. Captured photos and videos on Android phones can be saved either in internal memory of phone or in external memory card mounted on phone. These media files can get lost in many ways from Smartphone and most common problem is due to deletion. Possible scenarios that render deletion of photos and videos from internal memory of Android phone are:

  • Wrongly deleting necessary photos and video files while removing unwanted files from Smartphone
  • Erasing all photos and videos by accidentally selecting Delete All option on Android phone
  • Resetting phone to factory settings will erase all files present in Smartphone’s internal memory including photos and videos
  • Malware infection to Android phone by downloading infected files can sometimes delete essential photos and videos from phone’s internal memory

Sony Ericsson phone recovery software:

Losing pictures, movies and other files from Android phone’s internal memory due to deletion is frequently seen among various Smartphone users. Yet, there is nothing to worry because recovery of deleted files on Android Smartphones and Tablets is achievable with the help of ultimate third party Android file recovery tools. But, soon after losing data from Android phone’s memory before using any alternative tool, one should stop using the phone to enhance complete recovery of deleted files.

Yodot Android Data Recovery is the most reliable and eminent software to restore back deleted files from Smartphone’s internal memory. This tool can easily rescue deleted photos, videos, music, program files (.apk) and other file types from Android phone’s internal and external memory. It is capable of rescuing files from Smartphones and Tablets running with Android OS versions – Froyo, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich and Ginger Bread. This Android data recovery tool can retrieve files from Android phones manufactured by Samsung, Sony, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Dell, Micromax, Karbonn and popular brands. One can effortlessly use this tool on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers / laptops to accomplish Android data phone recovery.

Simple steps to restore deleted photos and videos from Android’s internal memory:

Note: Before using Yodot Android Data Recovery software, connect your Android phone to Windows system via UMS (USB Mass Storage) mode only, because software cannot recognize gadgets with other connectivity modes.

  • Download the software on Windows computer to which phone is connected
  • Install and ruin the program to initiate recovery process
  • In main screen click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option to get back erased video and image files
  • Next, choose the drive that represents internal memory of Android phone
  • Proceed next and allow the software to deeply scan the memory of Smartphone to retrieve files
  • Later, find the rescued files in ‘Data View’ / ‘File Type View’ modes and preview selected files
  • At last, mention any desired destination location on host computer hard drive and save all necessary rescued photos and videos

Handy Tips:

  • Do not erase any files from Android phone unless it is not required for further usage
  • It is necessary to hold backup of all essential files from Android phone to avoid unfortunate file loss