Retrieve Deleted Images from Android Tablet

“I use Micromax Funbook Tablet and I have saved numerous pictures, videos, apps and other data on it. Today I connected this Tab on to my Windows PC in order to transfer few picture files. But during the process instead of transferring the photos, I accidentally deleted all the selected pics. When I opened Recycle Bin in order to restore erased photos, I was shocked to see no erased photos in it. These pictures are very important and I can’t think of losing them. Can anyone please suggest me on how to recover deleted photos from Android Tablet?”

Tablet is one of the elegant gadgets that have features of both mobile phone and a laptop. With Android Tablet in hand, one can easily go around the world just by sitting at one place. Android Tablet assists you in performing video calling, downloading various apps, accessing emails, capturing pictures and videos, recording audio and so on. It can save files on its internal storage memory as well as on external storage device expandable up to 32GB. Built with dual core and Android OS, its HD display touch screen easily supports multi tasking.

In spite of various outstanding features of Android Tablet, users encounter loss of pictures files and other data in various ways. The frequent reason is for loss of photos is unexpected is deletion. Below mentioned are the common situations wherein pictures get deleted from Android OS Tablet:

  • Erasing picture files thinking that they are not required for further usage and later finding the necessity of those erased images
  • Wrongly selecting important picture files while deleting unwanted photos
  • Accidentally clicking on delete instead of move option while moving selected photos from Tablet to other external storage device
  • Formatting external storage media i.e. memory card on Tablet without keeping proper backup
  • Using unreliable third party applications on Tablet by downloading them from unknown sites can even cause unexpected picture file deletion

In all these scenarios, user may think that photos from Tablet are permanently erased. But, in reality no photo file is completely lost until new photos are saved onto that Tablet after photo deletion. This is because, when pictures are deleted from storage medium, just read / write permission of the files will be removed from file allocation table, making the files invisible. Thus, just by deleting a photo, one cannot lose it forever. If the memory space of Tablet is not overwritten with new data, deleted photos can be successfully restored back with the use of relevant Android data recovery tool.

Efficient tool to extract deleted pictures from Tablet:

As, there are many Android recovery tools available online, selecting the efficient software is very crucial. Because, making use of unsecured restoration software can cause damage to the files during recovery process and set off another disaster. Hence, it is most recommended to utilize safe and secure application such as Yodot Android Data Recovery to resolve all unfamiliar data loss situations. This Android recovery tool is proficiently confirmed as bug free and thus safely extracts pictures that are deleted / lost from Android devices like Tablets and Smartphones without causing any damage. Added with powerful scanning strategies, software is capable of rescuing all files like pictures, videos, songs, application files, etc. from Android Tablets and Smartphones in few simple mouse clicks. One can perform successful photo recovery from Android devices manufactured by Samsung, Micromax, Dell, LG, HTC, Karbonn, etc. on major Windows OS based computers.

Steps to rescue erased images from Android Tablet:

Note: Software is capable of recognizing Android devices that gets connected to system via UMS mode i.e. USB Mass Storage; it doesn’t support for MTP / PTP mode of connectivity

  • Download and install Yodot Recovery for Android tool on your Windows system
  • Then initiate the application by going through given instructions
  • Connect your Android Tablet along with its external storage media on to the system
  • Hold on till the software recognizes the Android device
  • Then select the drive associated with Tablet and click next
  • From the two options given in the main screen, go for Deleted File Recovery option
  • Now, software starts to scan the selected Android drive and recovers deleted pictures
  • Go through the selected picture files by toggling between Data view and File types view lists
  • Preview the regained pictures before saving with the help of Preview button
  • Then save the restored image files to desired destination location on system drive (But not to the same device from where files were recovered)

Useful precautionary measures:

  • Think twice prior to deleting picture files from Android device
  • Avoid using unsecured third party apps on Android device that might cause unintentional deletion of important files