How to Retrieve Deleted Videos from Droid X?

Motorola is a leading manufacturer of Smartphones and other gadgets across the world. One of its wonderful creations is Droid X Smartphone. It’s one among the largest Android phones with high resolution multi-touch capacitive touch screen, 8GB of internal storage memory that can be extended upto 32GB with microSDHC or microSD cards.

The phone functions with Android OS 2.1 version that is upgradable to version 2.3 Ginger bread. It was the first Smartphone to come up with Adobe flash software and other amazing features. One can capture wonderful pictures and videos on Motorola Droid X with its 8 megapixel auto-focus camera. However, videos captured on Droid X Android phone can be lost in various situations.

Consider a real time scenario here. Assume that you captured videos in an important occasion using your Droid X mobile. Later, when you had connected the phone to system in order to transfer these important videos, you accidentally clicked on delete button for selected video files. Thus, your most needed videos got just erased due to small mistake of yours. Videos on Droid X Smartphone may also get removed from the gadget in various other scenarios as mentioned below:

  • Unintended Deletion: While navigating through all your video files on Droid phone, you may delete any video file thinking that it may not be required further. But later may find necessity of that deleted video
  • Installing Unsecure Apps: When you download and install any applications on Droid X phone from unknown sites, then it may delete few files on phone without any confirmation
  • Use of Delete All button: This blunder is frequently performed by most of the Smartphone users, who press delete all button accidentally while navigating through the files
  • Other Reasons: Virus infection to phone’s external storage memory card; formatting the memory card on phone or on system without backing up necessary files; use of unreliable antivirus program to scan the memory card, etc. can all result in deletion of various files including videos from Android Droid X

In any of these situations, if videos got erased from Droid X phone and you do not possess any backup, then it is recommended to make use of third party recovery software. Before that, make sure that Android phone is not used further to save new data to it. This is because, deleted files are not lost forever from the memory, until new data occupies same memory location on Droid X phone. Hence, after encountering deletion of videos from Droid X if any new data is saved on phone, then it results in overwriting of deleted video files and leads to permanent deletion.

Rescuing deleted videos from Droid X

With the use of most proficient Android recovery tool such as Yodot Android Data Recovery, it is possible to recover deleted videos from Droid X. Built with excellent file recovery algorithms, this software easily retrieves files like pictures, videos, songs, application files, contacts, etc. from Android gadgets. It performs quick scan of storage memory on Smartphones and Tablets to bring back lost, erased or missing files within fraction of seconds. This recovery program is capable of restoring files even from external storage media of Droid X and other Smartphones i.e. from microSDHC, MicroSD and SD memory cards. Apart from Motorola Droid X, the software successfully assists in recovering files from Samsung, Sony, Acer, HTC, LG, Micromax, Dell and other models of Android gadgets.

Steps to regain erased videos from Droid X Smartphone:

Note: Software is compatible to work with all Android gadgets that connect to system via USB Mass Storage mode and doesn’t support MTP mode.

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software on to a Windows computer
  • Connect your Android Droid X phone to this system via UMS mode
  • Install and run the program by following given instructions
  • From main screen, click on Deleted File Recovery option to extract deleted videos from Droid X phone
  • Next choose the drive that represents storage memory of Droid X Smartphone
  • By clicking next, software performs a quick scan of select drive and restores all possible files
  • Go through Data view / File type view to glance at the recovered video files
  • Then click on Preview button to view complete file description
  • Further, click on Save button by specifying destination location on host system drive to save selected video files

Precautionary Measures:

  • Since, Droid X phone lacks Recycle Bin facility, think twice before deleting any video file on it
  • Always backup necessary videos and other files from Droid X Smartphone on external storage components