Restore Deleted Videos from Android Phone

Today’s world, we find variety of Android cell phones and tablets manufactured by various brands like Samsung, Sony, HTC and others. They are much more advanced than their Java counterparts, as they have the ability to operate much similar to that of computer. Multi tasking features, Auto Zoom, Voice Recognition, and Mail Alerts are some among the most named characteristics of the Android devices. Apart from these, there are many number of Android apps that are developed for performing tasks faster on Android phones.

So, now coming to the storage part these Android cell phones come with an inbuilt memory as well as an external card slot where the data can be stored. Among the data, the majority content can be video files, if the user is movie enthusiast. Downloading new trailers, adding or moving your video files to other destination can get you in serious trouble. What happens is that while watching videos you might unintentionally delete the video files. Within a span of time your video content is gone.

This makes you go crazy as the video file, which got deleted from Android phone was a very rare collection. Relax! This can happen to anyone at any point of time. Worrying would not help you anything, be calm and go through internet for video recovery tools from Android phone. The most famous Android video recovery application that is doing rounds is Yodot Android Data Recovery tool.

Scenarios that are behind the deletion of video files from Android cell phone are:

  • Using of the format button in cell phone will surely lead to deletion of video files including other data from memory card and internal memory of Android phone
  • Your phone memory may get deleted when restore factory settings option is selected, therefore keep backup of your essential data before using the restore factory setting option
  • Third party applications that are installed on your Android cell phone may sometimes happen to delete the video files without the confirmation of the user
  • When your Android cell is connected to the system for previewing video files, you may unknowingly press the delete key and you end up in permanently deleting it

Video Recovery Software for your Android Cell Phone:

Get back your video files that were unintentionally deleted from Android cell phone by installing Yodot Android Data Recovery tool. This utility has highly desired features like it has the best built in design and graphical user interface; Find tool allows you to restore the specific file based on its name and size; Save Recovery session provides you with the option of stopping the recovery process at any point of time and have it resumed at later stage so that the entire drive need not be scanned again. Moreover apart from rescuing video files, this application can also restore deleted photos, music files and APK files effectively. With the help of Android data recovery application, the user can have access to deleted video files within minutes and easily preview them before saving it to the destination location.

Perform these simple steps to restore video files from Android Phone:

  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery application in the computer
  • Once the installation process gets completed, connect your Android cell phone to the computer and select the UMS mode option that is provided as soon as Android device is connected to the system
  • Launch the product and get in to the main screen of the recovery tool
  • Click on “Deleted File Recovery” and this software will take you to the next screen
  • After the device gets detected, click on the Next button that will list you with internal memory and also the External memory of Android phone
  • Select the drive from where the video files are deleted and then click on Next button
  • Now the scanning process takes place, on completion of which the list of restored video files are displayed
  • Select the video file that needs to be previewed and then you can save it to the respective destination location as available for the user

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep a backup of precious video files on computer and update it on regularly basis
  • Install good antivirus application on your Android device to prevent it from virus infection