Data Recovery from Dell Streak 5 Smartphone

Smartphones with Android operating system are the trendiest mobiles that users prefer to have. Dell Streak 5 mobile phone is one among the best used Android phones. This Android mobile can be used to store vast data on it and it has dual cameras that separately work for capturing pictures, videos as well as used for video calling. It also supports 3G phone calls.

However, data like pictures, videos, games, emails and other files on Dell Streak 5 Android phone can get lost in various scenarios. For instance, assume that you accidentally erased certain files on Dell Streak 5 Smartphone and the files got completely erased. In such instance you will struggle to find a way to get back lost / erased files from the Android phone. There are many such scenarios in which files from Dell Streak Smartphones get lost. Let us see a few of them below:

  • Restore to factory settings: If Dell Streak 5 is mistakenly restored to its factory settings, then all data will be erased from the Android mobile as well as from the storage media present on the phone
  • Unintentional formatting: If storage media like memory card present on Android device is accidentally formatted, then all data on the card will be erased
  • Data transfer process: If the phone is mistakenly disconnected from the system or if the phone gets switched off due to low battery while transferring data from Dell Streak 5 Smartphone to system, then data might go missing from the Android phone
  • Abrupt removal of memory card: If memory card on the Dell mobile is abruptly removed when any file is being accessed then that file may get erased or corrupt
  • Other causes: Software malfunctioning, viruses infection, file system corruption on memory card, etc. can also result in loss of data from Dell Streak 5 Smartphone

How to regain lost data on Dell Streak 5 Smartphone?

When data on Dell Streak5 Android mobile is lost due to any of the above mentioned scenario then first thing to do is, stop using the phone to store new data on its internal memory as well as on the memory card and make use of good Android data recovery tool to rescue your lost files.

Prefer excellent data retrieval software for Android phones such as Yodot Android Data Recovery.

Yodot Android Data Recovery tool efficiently restores various data from Dell Streak 5 Smartphone on different Windows operated desktops and laptops without any errors. It supports recovery of files such as photos, videos, songs, documents, application files, etc. from Dell Streak 5 mobile as well as from various models of Dell Smartphone having vivid Android OS. You can utilize this tool to get back deleted / lost files from different models of Android phones manufactured by Sony, Samsung, Acer, Motorola, Micromax, Lava, HTC and many more.

Guidelines for using Android data recovery tool:

  • Connect Dell Streak 5 Android mobile along with its memory card to your Windows system
  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery tool and install it on the system
  • Go through the given instructions to launch the utility
  • Select the drive that represents your Android mobile and click “Next”
  • In the upcoming screen you will see, “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” options
  • Click on either of the options according to your data loss scenario
  • Software scans the device for all types of files and provides a list of recoverable files
  • Then make use of Data view or File Type view to go through the recoverable files
  • Now select required files and proceed to save them
  • Target the destination location and click on “save” button

Useful Tips:

  • Download an effective antivirus software in order to get rid of the virus
  • Avoid using your Smartphone when battery power is low
  • Avoid unintentional deletion of data on Dell Streak 5 Smartphone
  • Avoid mishandling of device and use proper methods in order to access data from Dell Streak5