Retrieving Data from Bricked Android Smartphone

Are you facing problem with your bricked Android Smartphone and lost entire data saved on it? Then don’t get upset!! You can easily restore files from your Bricked Android phone by going through this page.

Android Smartphones are the most sold phones in the world as it renders multiple outstanding features according to user needs. With an Android phone one can not only make calls; but can use numerous applications for different purposes like to browse internet, capture pictures, record videos and what not? These Smartphones are operated on Google Android operating system and most commonly used OS is Froyo, Ice Cream Sandwich, Ginger Bread, Jelly Bean and recently Kit-Kat. But, there are certain issues that create blunders while using Android Smartphones. One such instance occurs when Android phone gets bricked or inoperable.

First let us know what is meant by bricked Android phone:

Your phone might stop working by not responding to any commands (either by touch or physical buttons) due to irregularities that occur in between when you alter the OS of the Android phone or while rooting it to Custom ROM. This state in which Android phone turns unusable or unresponsive is named as Bricking of Android phone.

Furthermore, there are 2 types of bricking; soft brick and hard brick. Soft bricking happens due to some software errors and hard bricking of Android phone is caused due to hardware mal-functioning.

What happens when any Android phone is bricked?

Android phone which becomes unusable when it is interrupted during rooting / OS updating process is termed as bricking of phone. Usually, if an Android phone is soft bricked, it cannot boot the ROM and keeps rebooting or does not power up at all; and when tried to run in recovery mode, the phone freezes. While a hard bricked Android phone becomes utterly unusable. However, soft bricked Smartphones can be easily fixed by resetting the Android device or by formatting the Cache Partition to delete all user data and cache files that makes it to work again. But, hard bricking of Android will make it completely useless and it rarely happens.

How to fix bricked Android?

There are many third party applications available to fix soft bricked Android phones. Before that just give a try for any handy methods that could most of the times help to fix your bricked Android without a penny. Even if you successfully resolve Android phone after bricking either with use of software or by handy methods, you will lose valuable data saved on the Android phone. And this is where you will find the need of an Android recovery tool. For your assistance, here is an ultimate tool mentioned that can drive you from various data loss situations.

Make use of Yodot Android Data Recovery to revive data from various bricked Android phones. This tool can be easily utilized to restore all types of pictures, videos, songs, application files and other files from inoperable or bricked Smartphones and Tablets manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Dell, Acer, etc. You can perform bricked Android data recovery on Windows computers and laptops that run on Windows Vista, 7, 8, XP, 2003 and Windows 2008 operating systems. Moreover, this tool works for the Smartphones having Froyo, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and Ginger Bread Android OS versions.

Steps to retrieve bricked Smartphone data:

Important Note: The software can detect the Android phone only if it is connected via UMS (USB Mass Storage) mode.

  • Download Yodot Recovery for Android software on Windows OS based computer
  • Connect your Android phone from which you need to get data to that system
  • Next, when software detects the device connect it via UMS mode
  • Next screen shows Android internal memory and the external SD card mounted on it
  • Select the drive and click next to trigger scanning process
  • Now, software scans the drive and detects all files intact on its phone’s memory
  • After complete scanning, the tool provides a list of recovered files
  • Examine the revived files with File type view / Data view option
  • After previewing them, select a location on your system and save required files

Precautionary Measures:

  • Do not interrupt while updating the OS on your Smartphone
  • Check for complete battery before rooting / flashing a Custom ROM on your Android
  • While installing a new ROM to your Android device, erase the existing to avoid soft bricking
  • Maintain backup of required data regularly so that you can easily overcome any data disasters