Recovering Files from Corrupted SD Card on Android

“Need help!! Someone please help me to resolve this problem. I used the SD memory card of Smartphone on some other mobile phone and the card has turned corrupt. I have saved numerous photos, movies, audio tracks and some necessary applications on this SD card. Can anyone please suggest me proper method to recover files from corrupted SD card on Android phone? All suggestions are greatly appreciated.”

Android phones are the widely used fantasy gadgets amongst numerous people worldwide. Use of Smartphones has changed the lives of many with its attractive and informative user friendly features. However, many Android Smartphones support SD memory cards for expandable storage memory. And as mentioned above one could easily lose files from SD memory card of Android phones in number of ways.

Below given are few frequently occurring instances in which Android gadget’s SD memory card gets corrupt:

  • Wrong usage of SD card on Android – SD card can be corrupted when it is improperly mounted on Smartphone. Also, if card is used to save new data when its memory is full, then it might get corrupted
  • Abrupt removal of SD card from Android or from system during any read / write process may lead to the same
  • Spyware attack to the SD card due to downloading any suspicious applications / files on it or by connecting the card to virus infected systems
  • SD card’s file system corruption or card corruption due to any logical errors
  • Incorrectly formatting the card on Android or errors while resetting the Android phone when card is mounted on it, etc. will result inaccessibility of files on SD card

When SD card of Android phone gets corrupt under any of these instances then all the data present on the card becomes out of reach causing loss useful information. Fortunately, this unfriendly situation can be eradicated by employing good Android recovery tool without making any delay. But, before using relevant retrieval software, there are few things that users should be aware of to perform 100% recovery. They are:

  • Stop using the card on Android soon after encountering any data disaster
  • Make use of safe and secure restoration program, because unauthenticated application may lead to permanent loss of data beyond recovery

Among the most recommended and efficient tools, Yodot Android Data Recovery is at its best to perform secure data recovery from Android gadgets and its external storage devices like SD card. Enriched with high-tech scanning algorithms, the software is capable of retrieving pictures, videos, songs, application files (.apk), etc. after severe data disasters from SD memory card of Android gadgets with utmost ease. The software can also bring back lost and erased files from Smartphones / Tablets running with different Android OS versions like Ice cream Sandwich, Ginger Bread, Froyo and Kitkat. This utility is well suited on Windows computers that function with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS versions.

Procedural steps to rescue files from corrupt SD card of Android gadget:

  • Connect your Android phone in which corrupt SD card is mounted to a healthy Windows computer via UMS mode and let the device get detected successfully
  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery tool on to that system
  • Install the tool and run it to get started with recovery process
  • From the two options given in main screen, choose “Lost File Recovery” option and proceed next
  • Now, software scans and shows the storage devices on Android phone
  • Select the drive representing corrupted SD memory card and click next
  • Software performs a quick and rigorous scan of selected SD card
  • After completion of scanning process, all restorable files will get listed under two view types
  • Toggle between Data view and File Type view to go through rescued files
  • Then, mark for required files and specify destination location on system drive or on other external storage devices (other than the same corrupted SD card) and save the files

Important Note:

  • Avoid using the same SD card on multiple gadgets
  • While removing SD card from Android or system, close all the applications and use Safe removal option
  • Do not save data to SD memory card when its memory is full