Data Recovery from HTC Desire X Smartphone

You have connected your HTC Desire X Smartphone to the computer to get music files from system to phone. After transferring files from your computer, you right clicked on the drive to disconnect it from your system. But instead of “Eject”, mistakenly you clicked on “Format” option which was present just above it. Though computer warned a confirmation message, you ignored it without seeing. After formatting, you are traumatized to see that you have accidentally formatted HTC Android phone and lost complete files present in it.

In such condition what can be done? You think that files are lost forever? No they are not. You can regain lost files if you choose proper method. It is simple; you need to download Android file recovery software to get back files as soon as possible.

Several reasons are accountable for loss/deletion of files from HTC Desire X Android phone as explained below:

  • Lack of Knowledge: Many Android users don’t have proper knowledge about using their Smartphone and while handling they may accidentally delete important photos or files
  • Formatting: When you connect HTC phone to computer, it detects its file system and thus allow you to access files present in it. In case your computer is not able to recognize the file system, it throws an error message asking you to format it. If you format it then you will lose your files
  • Wrong Operation: When you use “Cut” and “Paste” commands for moving files between HTC Android phone and your computer, one window will pop up showing the progress of moving files. By mistake if you click on “Cancel” option, then the files either won’t get saved on computer or Android phone
  • Low Battery: If you ignore a warning message shown by HTC Desire X Smartphone when it is running out of the power and proceed to take photos and video will cause loss of files

Few users do not care as they keep backup of important data for future reference. But some users either don’t understand how to backup their data or they don’t backup thinking that they won’t face data loss. In such situation when they lose any important file, they feel themselves caught in a disastrous situation. However relax!! You may believe it or not, it is not so hard to recover files from HTC Desire X Android phone. No technical assistance is required to recover your files; you can do it by yourself using file recovery software for Android phones like Yodot Android Data Recovery.

Rescue Files from HTC Desire X

Yodot Android Data Recovery is highly recommended in order to retrieve files from HTC Desire X phone. This software has been appreciated by many Android users who have successfully restored deleted and lost files from their Android Smartphone’s and tablets. This supports recovery of data from both external and internal memory of Android phone. Simple user interface and onscreen instructions guides user to restore photos, videos, music, apk files and other files from Android phone without experiencing any difficulty during the recovery process.

Directions to recover files from HTC Desire X

  • Connect HTC Desire X Android Phone to your computer with a USB cable and select UMS mode
  • Download the software and install it on your Windows computer. Launch the software to begin the recovery process
  • The main page display with two options, they are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Make use of “Deleted File Recovery” option if you have accidentally deleted files from your HTC phone
  • For lost and formatted files use “Lost file Recovery” option
  • Once you select the option, the software checks and displays the drive present in your computer
  • Click on “Next” to move to the next window and to see all the recoverable files present in the Android phone
  • Select the one that you want to recover or else click on “Skip” option to select all the files
  • Wait till scanning process completes and choose the files that you want to retrieve
  • You can utilize two option i.e. “Data Type View” and “File Type View” in order to make your recovery process easy
  • Preview the files before saving them and at last save recovered files in a preferred location

Useful Tips:

  • Don’t use Android Smartphone on different computers
  • Scan your phone as soon as you connect to the computer
  • It is good to avoid using your phone when it is low on battery