Restore Files from Karbonn A9 Plus Smartphone

“I had connected Karbonn A9 Plus to Windows computer to copy songs from it. After transferring songs, I forgot to disconnect Karbonn phone and turned off the system. Upon remembering that I did not eject my phone, I checked it. For my hard luck, my Karbonn A9 Plus is hanging on usage and I’m unable to access its data properly. What can be done now? I had lots of photos and other media files on it of which I don’t have a backup.”

The above case might have happened even with you. If you lose files from Karbonn A9 Plus all of a sudden, then you will be in a shock. Your Karbonn phone has Ice Cream Sandwich OS, front camera, dual-core processor, etc. amazing features at low budget. On this phone, you would have saved many cherished files of yours. If so, then do not panic because recovering data from Karbonn A9 Plus Smartphone is quite easy now. With wide usage of Smartphones, users are prone to commit mistakes and lose precious data from their phones. Try to be more careful while using Karbonn A9 Plus and avoid losing data from it.

Few causes where files are deleted or lost from Karbonn A9 Plus phone:

  • Formatting: Formatting memory card used in Karbonn A9 Plus erases its complete file contents. User might mistakenly format memory card while performing some other task on phone and lose data
  • Restoring Phone: Restoring Karbonn A9 Plus to its factory settings will remove data saved on phone memory along with .apk files. When phone is reset to its factory settings, only basic files will be present which were there when you purchased it
  • Issues with Memory Card: Memory card on Karbonn A9 Plus can get corrupted for several reasons. Improperly ejecting from phone, using it on slots of various devices frequently, virus/malware infection and so on

Whatever may be the reason behind loss of data from Karbonn A9 Plus Android phone, you can still retrieve files from it if you act quickly and take necessary measures after facing data loss. That is you need to stop using phone for saving new content and opt for appropriate Android data recovery software to get back files from Karbonn A9 Plus phone.

Karbonn A9 Plus data recovery software

If you don’t know which tool to select for restoring data from Karbonn A9 Plus, then here is most preferred software named Yodot Recovery for Android. It scans both internal and external storage of Karbonn A9 Plus Smartphone to find and extract lost files in few steps. This tool is perfect choice for users who are desperately looking for a safe way to get back their photos, videos, music files, APK files and other files from internal as well as external memory of Android Smartphones/Tablets on Windows OS. Using this tool, you can even rescue deleted or lost files and folders from LG, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Micromax and other brands of Android phones. This program can be installed on computers or laptops working on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to retrieve data from Karbonn A9 Plus phone:

Note: This software can recover data from Android Smartphones that work in USB Mass Storage (UMS) mode and does not support if they work in MTP and PTP modes.

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software and install it on Windows system
  • Plug in Karbonn A9 Plus Android Smartphone to the computer and run the installed program
  • Select “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” from main screen. Then Android device gets detected and connected to recovery software
  • Select drive representing Karbonn A9 Plus device and click on “Next”
  • Then select file types from list provided by software interface or click on Skip button to select all files by default and choose “Next”
  • Tool scans Karbonn A9 Plus and displays list of files and folders recovered from it in “File Type View” and “Data View”
  • You can Preview any desired files and finally save them to location you prefer on your computer

Safety measures:

  • Safely eject Karbonn A9 Plus connected to your computer, once you are done with transfer process, viewing files, playing media files, etc.
  • Handle your Karbonn A9 Plus Android phone with care to avoid memory card corruption and other problems