File Recovery from Lenovo IdeaPhone S560

Lenovo Company is offering a new device one after the other. One of the Android Smartphone presented from this company is Lenovo IdeaPhone S560. It has a good display, video/picture quality, fantastic audio and is overall a good phone for those who expect more features with lesser price. In an attempt to give the phone more appeal, Lenovo has outfitted S560 with a glossy plastic back plate complete with dots which appears as the back of the LG Nexus 4, the latest Android phone. Although the phone is almost entirely made up of plastic, it doesn’t look or feel cheap due to its stylish design. The best feature of this Android phone is it is able to play an entire film without a single stutter even if there are a couple of applications running on the background. The display has a good color representation which makes the photos and videos clips look natural.

Despite its advantages, Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 Smartphone does not guarantee you to safeguard your data forever. Therefore keep on transferring files from Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 to your computer, so that you don’t get disappointed when you lose important photos and videos due to unpredictable situation. But one of the common mistakes that Android users often do is they do not transfer or backup their files assuming that they will never face data loss disaster. Data loss on Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 encounters in different ways; few of them are given below:

  • Accidental deletion: As Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 is touch screen based, one may mistakenly tap on “Delete” option instead of “Copy” or “Move” option
  • Unintended formatting: Users with average knowledge about Android phone often face this type of problem. While fiddling with the menu, one may accidentally hit on “Format” option to see what will happen after choosing this option. Since formatting erases entire data, you will lose all your files from Lenovo IdeaPhone S560
  • Android OS Upgrade: In order to get better enhancement, some users prefer to upgrade their current Android operating system to latest OS. But If Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 gets turned off improperly while upgrading Android OS from lower version to higher version, then you may lose few files present in it
  • Clicking photos on low battery: It is not recommended to click photos or record videos when Lenovo IdeaPhone S560’s battery is very low. But data loss can happen if you continue to click photos and shoot videos even after getting low battery warning message

It does not seem to be a serious problem for those who have taken backup of their essential files when data gets lost from Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 due to any of the above mentioned situation. But it is very exasperating for those who have lost data without creating backup. So to free you from such tensions here is powerful software named Yodot Android Data Recovery.

Proficient characteristic of Android Recovery software

Yodot Android Data Recovery software can be considered as the optimum solution if you are in need of files which you lost or deleted from Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 Android phone. It supports to recover files like APK, CAB, 7Z, ZOO, ZIP, SIT, RPM, RAR, JAR, ARJ, AVI, MOV, MPEG, MPG, MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, MPG, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, RM, etc from both internal and external memory of Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 Smartphone. As its name indicates, it can restore each and every file which you lost from almost all brands of Android Smartphones and Tablets. It allows you to preview media files so that you can recognize it’s excellence before proceeding to purchase the application.

Procedure to rescue data from Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 Smartphone

Note: Software is capable of recognizing Android devices (Smartphone’s and Tablets) that gets connected to system via UMS mode i.e. USB Mass Storage; it doesn’t support for MTP / PTP mode of connectivity

  • Download Android Data Recovery software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Connect Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 to the system using data cable
  • Run the application to view the steps involved in Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 recovery
  • Software main screen displays, “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. Pick anyone according to the data loss situation you have faced
  • The program detects Android device and then sets connection
  • After connection is set up, you will be able to see both internal and external drive of Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 android phone
  • Select the one from where you want to restore data and click on “Next”
  • Choose file types that you are looking for and click on “Next”
  • Tool starts scanning selected drive and displays the recovered files from Lenovo IdeaPhone S560
  • View restored files in “Data View” and “File Type View” and preview them using “Preview” option
  • At last save them onto the location you prefer on your computer drive using “Save” option

Preventive Tips:

  • Be careful while performing any action with Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 as it might results in loss of precious data
  • Before upgrading Android OS, keep backup of your data in computer or external hard drive
  • Avoid using Lenovo IdeaPhone S560 Smartphone when its battery is to the last bar