How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Android phones are vast in number and users prefer to use them as it is rich in attractive and user friendly features. Among various Smartphone brands, Samsung is the leading brand in today’s technological world. In between different models of Samsung Smartphones, Galaxy Note 3 is one of the modest and well known Smartphone having Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean OS version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, recently released stylus Smartphone has all the advanced functionality more than just a phone. Built with outstanding full HD screen and classy look, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 works similar to a multi-tasking Tablet. Phone provides easy methods to drag and drop contents like text, images, etc. from one location to another. This sophisticated Android device can be used to explore things that other Smartphones does not perform.

Yet, there are certain times where data from Galaxy Note 3 will be lost / erased under numerous circumstances. For instance, assume that you were downloading some files from internet and the phone turned off due to insufficient battery. Later, you noticed that few files were completely missing from the phone’s memory. This is not the only situation wherein data from Galaxy Note 3 is lost, there are other common scenarios as listed below:

  • Restoring Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone to its factory settings will erase entire data saved on it causing relentless data loss
  • Formatting the storage media present on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will also cause thrashing of all your data
  • Abrupt removal of Smartphone when it is synched with iTunes on system can also lead to missing of data
  • File transfer process from Galaxy Note 3 may even render loss of files if the process is interrupted due to power loss or disconnection of phone, etc.
  • In other scenarios, data on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can be unintentionally erased by users or use of any unreliable third party application may also delete certain files

Resolve data loss from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone

When data from Galaxy Note 3 is erased or lost, then first and foremost stop using the device for further activities that might overwrite Android phone’s memory. If this happens, then data gets completely removed from the storage memory beyond recovery. Without any delay, make use of third party Android recovery tool and restore data from the Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone.

Most suggested Android recovery tool:

One of the best and recommended data retrieval program for Smartphones is Yodot Android Data Recovery tool. This program genuinely works to regain lost (missing) data from various Android phones and Tablets. You can successfully accomplish the task of data recovery from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone by utilizing this Smartphone restoration tool. It works fine with all brands of Smartphones like Sony, Dell, LG, HTC, Micromax, etc. along with Samsung models having recent Android OS versions and it is compatible on superior versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and 2008.

Working procedure of Samsung Android phone recovery tool:

  • Download and mount Yodot Android Recovery tool on your Windows system
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone to the system by selecting UMS mode
  • Launch the software and wait till the main screen displays
  • Now, the software scans the system for presence of Smartphone on it
  • After detecting Android device, software scans the device and its external storage media for lost files
  • Save recovery session after completion of scanning process to avoid re-scanning the device
  • Then, go through the files that are recoverable from the Smartphone in Data View / File type view window
  • Next, select required files, target a location on host computer and save them by clicking on save button

Preventive Tips:

  • Do not perform unnecessary restore / reset option on Smartphones without sufficient knowledge
  • Have updated antivirus program on the device to avoid viruses infection
  • While removing any data from Android, cross check whether it is the right file to delete