Restore Files from Tesco Hudl Smartphone

Have you lost any data from Tesco Hudl Android phone knowingly or unknowingly? Or have you erased necessary files mistakenly from Tesco Hudl? Then here is the right solution.

The 7 inch tablet, Hudl from Tesco has gained much popularity amongst the top Smartphone models. This Android gadget is preinstalled with Tesco apps and services that enriches for advanced and easy-to-use processes. Empowered with 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM memory and operated with Android OS version 4.2 Jelly Bean, this Smartphone performs at greater end satisfying users needs. The Smartphone supports video calling with the addition of front and back cameras having good resolution. The gadget offers 16GB of free space to hoard any data, which can also be extended with the use of external 32GB micro SD card. But users have lost stored data on Tesco Hudl Android phone in many ways and have suffered loss of critical data.

Data from Tesco Hudl Smartphone can be lost in these frequently occurring scenarios:

  • Accidental pressing of Delete option before confirming whether the data is unwanted or not
  • Rooting the Smartphone without holding backup of files from Tesco Hudl
  • Resetting the phone settings to default factory settings in order to get rid of freezing or hanging of Tesco Hudl Smartphone
  • Corruption of memory card used on Tesco Hudl due to file system damage,wrong usage or malware impact
  • Downloading suspicious apps or performing incorrect updates of applications on Tesco Hudl can make all your data inaccessible
  • Formatting the memory card, malfunctioning in the working of device, severe virus intrusion, etc. can even cause loss of useful data from Tesco Hudl Android phone

However lost, erased or missing data from Tesco Hudl are not permanently removed from storage memory of the Smartphone until any new data is saved on it after data loss scenario. Yes, erased or missing files still reside on the same memory location but inaccessible or invisible to the operating system. Hence, lost files can be easily extracted from Tesco Hudl with the help of skillful Android data recovery tool.

Ultimate software to retrieve files from Tesco Hudl Smartphone:

Yodot Android Data Recovery is the excellent Android recovery tool to easily extract files lost and deleted from Tesco Hudl Smartphone within few clicks. This software can recover pictures, videos, songs, application files and other useful files from Android OS gadgets after any data disasters. Also, the tool can perform recovery of data from Smartphones and Tablets manufactured from popular producers like Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericson, LG, Dell, Micromax, etc. along with Tesco. The software can successfully support data recovery from all gadgets running with Android OS versions 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3(Ginger Bread), 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and 4.x Jelly Bean. And this utility is companionable on Windows computers having Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Procedural steps to use Yodot Android Data Recovery tool:

  • Connect your Smartphone to a Windows computer via UMS mode
  • Download the software and install it using on screen information
  • After running the software in main screen two options gets displayed, Deleted File Recovery and Lost File Recovery
  • Click on appropriate option based on how the files got removed from Tesco Hudl
  • Then select the drive representing storage memory of Tesco Hudl from which files are lost and click next
  • Now software performs a deep scan of selected drive to restore possible files
  • Recovered files will be listed in Data view / File Type view
  • Go through the files and examine the recovery results by previewing details of selected files
  • Then save these retrieved files to desired destination location on host system drive and not to the same Tesco Hudl Smartphone’s storage media

Valuable Tips:

  • Do not perform irregular tasks on Tesco Hudl Smartphone
  • Avoid erasing files from Tesco Hudl Android phone without confirmation
  • Maintain regular backup of necessary files on multiple storage devices