How to Retrieve Data from Google Android Tablet?

“I have been to trip with my friends and carried my Google Android Tablet so that I can click photos and record videos. I have enjoyed a lot and saved those memories in my Tablet. After returning home, I have removed SD card from my Google Android Tablet and inserted to computer. But it asked me to format the card. Before connecting to my computer I have checked in my Android Tablet, and it was working fine. But now it has started showing format error message on my computer and also I could not view any file stored upon it when I have inserted back it to my Google Android Tablet.”

Most of the Google Android Tablet users experience this type of circumstance while using their Google Android users. The main cause for this problem could be improper removal. Google Android Tablet provides an option named “Unmount SD Card”. So, one should click on this option for the safety of files present in it. If you do not hit on this option then it might corrupt file system of SD card and you will get format error. Few users lose hope assuming that their files are permanently gone from their Google Android Tablet where as some users still believe that there might be some way to restore their files back from it. Well, before you find out what is that way, let us know about few situations that results in losing files from Google Android Tablet.

  • Accidental deletion: Google Android Tablet allows you to quickly access files that you want. However while taping on “Copy” or “Move” option one may hit upon “Delete” option in a hurry. It will remove those files that you want to copy or move
  • External Threat: Almost all Google Android Tablet users activate internet on it to download or do any task they want. But it is necessary to scan your Android Google Tablet with Antivirus software to check for any harmful viruses. Some users either forget or do not scan their Google Android Tablet. This will make Google Android Tablet virus infected and you might lose few files from it
  • Transfer Interference: If you fail to transfer files from Google Android Tablet to your computer due to issues such as power fluctuation or unexpected system shut down, then there may be the possibility of losing those files you are supposed to move
  • Upgrading Android OS: Upgrading Android operating does not change anything on your Google Android Tablet. It just replaces program files needed to run your Google Tablet. However, in case Google Android Tablet shuts down all of a sudden while you are carrying out upgrading process then you could lose entire data stored upon it

Application to get back files from Google Tablet:

Yodot Recovery for Android software offers you satisfactory result by recovering your data from Google Android Tablets. At first, it will thoroughly scan your Google Android Tablet and displays recoverable and also files which were already stored on it. This software has helped many Android users who have lost important files from their Android devices such as Samsung, Micromax, Acer, iBall, Sony and so on (both phone and tablet). You will be able to restore data from Android memory card as well as internal memory data without altering its structure. It supports various file formats of photos, videos, music, documents, applications etc. and at the same time, software has pre-listed file types according to its extension so that you can easily regain your files without adding them separately. Apart from this, you could preview recovered photos, videos and music to determine its quality.

Note: If Google Android Tablet is not running with UMS mode, then this application will not help you to regain your files from it

Procedure to restore data from Google Android Tablet:

  • Download the software and install it to your Windows computer or laptop
  • Click on “USB Mass Storage” as soon as you connect Google Android Tablet to the computer
  • Run the software and go as per the instructions given on the screen
  • On the main screen you can see two options which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select anyone based on the situation you have come across
  • Choose the drive from where you need to regain your files
  • Wait till the software completes its scanning to find recoverable files
  • Pick files which you want from the list of file types
  • Preview media files and at last save them on a desired location

Precautionary measures:

  • Never try to upgrade Android OS when your Android Tablet’s battery is low
  • Make sure that you click on appropriate option at the time of moving or copying files from Google Android Tablet