Deleted Photo Recovery from Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 is one of the wonderful 7-inch Tablet that is greatly used in today’s Android era. Nexus 7 is the only best Android device that supports all the Android applications on it. This small yet simple Tablet is designed with sharp and bright 7 inch HD display, which is not seen in any other Android Tablet. Powered with Android, this is the first device that gets updated to new versions of Android OS. It is simply superb, fast, latest and unbeatable gadget. It can store data of 16GB / 32GB on internal memory. Supports ultimate gaming software, eBook reading, sharing of pictures, videos, music and much more. Pictures and videos captured on Nexus 7 are much liverier than ever.

However, users undergo situations like deleting pictures from Google Nexus 7 Tab and suffer loss of wonderful photos. This can be explained through this example. Assume that you captured beautiful sun rising pictures on your Google Nexus 7. While trying to share them on social network, u accidentally erased few and lost them. Since, Nexus 7 is not facilitated with Recycle Bin with which deleted files can be restored back manually; erased pictures were completely removed from the internal memory of Tablet. Thus, you lost beautiful photos from Nexus 7 by accidental deletion. Few common scenarios in which pictures are deleted from Nexus 7 are listed below:

  • When removing unnecessary images from Nexus 7, you might erase few pictures thinking that they are not required further. But later, you might be in a need of those deleted pictures and regret for deleting it
  • Wrongly selecting important picture files while erasing unwanted photos
  • Picture file transfer process from Nexus 7 to other storage device may sometimes lead to deletion of those pictures when you accidentally click for Delete option instead of move option
  • Resetting Nexus 7 Tab unintentionally will erase all the files including images from the Tab
  • Since, Nexus 7 supports all Android applications, certain times usage of unreliable apps on Tab might cause unnoticed deletion of files like pictures

What to do when pictures are erased from Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet?

No need to worry!! You can restore deleted pictures from Nexus 7 with the help of effective Android recovery tool. This is possible only if the Android gadget is not used for any further data activities soon after deleting images from it. Because, when a photo file is deleted from Nexus 7 the file is just made invisible to the OS by erasing all the registry entries of the file. And the file will be still present in the same memory location until any new data is stored to that location. Hence, by avoiding data overwriting erased photos on Google Nexus 7 can be retrieved back easily.

Best utility to recover photos deleted from Google Nexus 7:

The most suggested and affordable software for recovering deleted pictures from nexus 7 is Yodot Android Data Recovery tool. This utility can perform rigorous scan on Android Nexus 7 to bring back erased as well as missing images and other data within few mouse clicks. The tool has caliber to strive back files like pictures, videos, music, application files, game software, contacts, SMS, emails, etc. from Android tablets and Smartphones with ease. Also, one can perform data retrieval from Android gadgets manufactured by Samsung, Sony, Dell, LG, HTC, Apple, Micromax and other popular brands on Windows computers running on OS versions – Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2008.

Steps to perform deleted photo recovery from Nexus 7:

Note: This software can recover data from Android Smartphones and tablets that connects via USB Mass Storage (UMS) mode on system and does not support if they work in MTP and PTP modes.

  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery software on to a Windows system
  • Then launch the utility by following given steps
  • Connect your Nexus 7 Tab to this system and allow it to get detected
  • In the main screen, select the drive associated with Nexus 7 Smartphone connected via UMS mode
  • Next, you will see these options “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select and click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option to retrieve erased pictures
  • Once you click next, recovery process starts; progress bar shows recovery status
  • Next screen shows all files recoverable from Nexus 7
  • Select required picture files from Data view / File Type view options and examine it using Preview option
  • Select a new location on system drive to save selected files and finish the process

Useful tips:

  • Always save the recovered files on system hard disk, but not on Nexus 7 on which recovery was performed
  • Prior to erasing any files from Nexus 7, cross verify twice to select appropriate ones
  • Maintain active backup of necessary pictures files to overcome unintentional deletion