Restore Pictures from Damaged SD Card on Android

“Just now I greeted with an error message stating that ‘SD card cannot be accessed’ on my Android Smartphone. I have been using this SD card since from one year; I never find this kind of instance before while using my Android phone’s SD card. I have stored plenty of pictures and many other media files in that 8GB SD card, but now I am unable to access any of these files. Please anyone let me know about recovering data especially pictures from damaged SD card on Android phone! Thanks in advance!”

Android devices are more attuned and support secondary storage devices such as SD card to extend its storage space. However, SD cards on Android devices may show abnormal behavior as specified in above scenario and leads to loss of photos plus other media files preserved in it. As SD cards are portable and compact, there are more possibilities of its damage or corruption due to different factors. Malicious external things like virus, spyware, worm and other threats attack on Android phone’s SD card can damage its file system and make its data inaccessible along with picture files saved in it.

In few instances mishandling of SD card in Android devices like abruptly disconnecting SD card while accessing its data; using Android SD card on various devices, etc even make it damage and results in loss of picture and other media files stored in it. Including previously discussed issues, there are some other issues that make your Android SD card damage. Don’t be sad, if you have lost cherished pictures due to damaged SD card on Android device!! With the assistance of appropriate Android data restoration application such as Yodot Android Data Recovery you can retrieve pictures from damaged SD card on Android Smartphone or Tablet.

Picture recovery tool for damaged Android SD card:

Yodot Android Data Recovery software is one of most recommended media file retrieval application designed by Android data recovery experts for recovering pictures from damaged SD on Android devices. This program has interactive interface along with simple on-screen instructions and advanced search algorithms to rescue pictures from damaged SD card on Android device without any difficulties. Including pictures, this software can competently get back videos, songs, games, application files, etc form damaged SD card as well as from internal memory of Android Smartphone and Tablet on Windows system. Even, one can recover files from formatted SD card on Android device. This tool supports recovery of pictures from damaged Android SD card on Windows desktop or laptop installed with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Note: Users can also utilize Yodot Photo Recovery tool to recover photos, videos, audio files and other files from only damaged SD card (external memory) on Android phone. But you cannot recover files from internal memory of Android phone using this photo recovery software.

Steps to retrieve pictures from damaged SD card on Android device:

  • Connect damaged SD card of your Android Smartphone / Tablet to Windows computer using USB cable or card reader
  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software and install it to that Windows PC
  • Run the program and proceed with on-screen guidelines
  • Now, this application will display all the partitions and device drives associated with Windows computer
  • Select the device drive that denotes your damaged SD card on Android device
  • Next, two options will be provided in the main screen such as “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery “options
  • Select “Lost File Recovery” option to retrieve back missing or lost data from damaged SD card on Android device
  • Later, the tool deeply scans the selected SD card and show list of recovered pictures and other media files from Android device’s SD card
  • Lastly, mark your desired picture files and browse for favored location to save retrieved photos; but not to the same damaged SD card of Android device

Points to Remember:

  • Take backup for your precious pictures files stored in Android device SD card on system hard disk or on external storage devices
  • Do not use Android Smartphone or Tablet’s SD card on unknown or unauthentic devices to avoid virus attack