Recover Data from HTC Rhyme Android Phone

 “I use HTC Rhyme Smartphone on which I have saved various data like contacts, pictures, songs, videos, emails, etc. Recently I had connected this HTC Rhyme phone on Windows system in order to transfer data from phone memory to system hard drive. But, during data transfer the phone stopped working as it ran out of low battery and thus data transfer got dismissed. Later when I turned on the phone I found that transferred data was neither on phone memory nor on system drive. Now, how can i get back my data lost from HTC Rhyme mobile?”

If you are the one who have data from HTC Rhyme due to a situation most similar to the above mentioned one, then continue reading this page to know the best answer for your query. HTC is one among the leading brands of Android mobile in present era. HTC Rhyme Smartphone consists of various advanced features when compared to other models of HTC Smartphones.

Various causes that lead to data loss from HTC Rhyme Smartphone are listed below:

  • Restore factory settings: Data on HTC Rhyme mobile gets lost when you restore the mobile to its factory settings without keeping its data backup
  • Virus infection: If any malware / spyware software infects data saved on HTC mobile’s internal and external memory, then data will be either lost or gets corrupted
  • Mishandling memory card: If you make use of memory card of HTC Rhyme mobile on different gadgets, then there is high possibility of data loss
  • Software conflicts on HTC mobile: Malfunctioning of HTC Rhyme mobile can also lead to inaccessibility of data saved on the mobile
  • Other causes: Accidental data deletion, formatting of memory card, abrupt removal of memory card from Smartphone when data is being used, making use of phone when it is running out of battery, etc. may direct the way to loss of precious data from HTC Rhyme Android mobile

When you encounter any of these scenarios and lose data from HTC Rhyme you need not worry, because there are many third party Android data recovery tools that can easily bring back lost data.

Which software to use?

Make use of the best recovery tool such as Yodot Android Data Recovery in order to retrieve lost data from HTC Android mobile. This tool is capable of restoring all types of files lost or erased such as pictures, APK files, video and audio files, emails, games, etc. from various HTC Android mobiles. Other than HTC, it can support data recovery from different models of Smartphones manufactured by Samsung, LG, Sony Ericson, Motorola, Micromax, etc on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 operating system.

Steps to retrieve data from HTC Rhyme:

  • Connect your HTC Rhyme mobile from which data is lost to a healthy Windows system
  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software on to that system
  • Install and launch the tool by following given instructions
  • In the coming window, select the drive that represents Android mobile connected on the system
  • Next, click on “Deleted File Recovery” option if data is been erased from HTC Rhyme Smartphone
  • Or click on “Lost File Recovery” option if data is been lost in any other scenario
  • Now, the software starts to scan both internal and external memory of the device
  • Select required files to be recovered from the list of restorable files provided
  • Specify a desired location to save recovered files and click on “save” button

Valuable Tips:

  • Keep multiple backup of required data
  • Think twice before erasing any data from Android phone
  • Do not use unsecured software applications on your Android device