Data Recovery from HTC Tablet

Ever been in a circumstance where you unknowingly or unintentionally deleted or missing important documents or media files from your HTC tablet? And are unsure about restoring them from HTC tablet, then no need to get depress!!! Just go through this article to find out relevant solution that you require.

HTC tablets fill gap between HTC Smartphones and laptops as well as provides consistent way to store wide varity of data. However, as specified above one might experience loss or deletion of data from HTC Tablet. Even thought, HTC tablet users can install Recycle Bin separately to hold accidentally deleted files and folders; in the absence of Recycle Bin or other reasons one may not avoid data loss that occur in numerous instances as listed below:

  • Accidentally deleting files and folders from HTC tablet is the main reason for loss of files from HTC tablet
  • Virus infection on HTC tablet leads to its storage device corruption and in turn result in data loss
  • Unauthorized or unauthentic third party software applications installed on HTC tablet become one of the reason for loss of data from HTC tablet
  • If there is any interruption while moving or transferring data from your HTC tablet to computer, then it may render data loss

Recovery of data from HTC tablet is extremely possible, because when you delete or lose any file from HTC tablet, only the index entries related to that file will be erased and its space is marked as free. Whereas the erased data is still present in storage space of HTC Tablet as long as new data is not stored on it; in such case data recovery is highly achievable. Therefore, stop saving new data on HTC tablet and make use of any reliable HTC tablet recovery software like Yodot Android Data Recovery to regain files lost or deleted from HTC Tablet.

HTC tablet data recovery software:

Yodot Android Data Recovery is finest and trustworthy software to recover erased or lost data from HTC tablet on Windows system. The application rescues wide varity of files such as documents, photos, songs, video clips, application files, games and many more files from HTC tablet. Including HTC tablet devices, this tool can also regain data from various HTC Android Tablets and Smartphones. Additionally, this software can retrieve data from Kindle Fire HD tablet, Sony Xperia tablet Z, Ainol Nono 7 Venus tablet, and many more tablets. This utility is compatible with Windows systems that support Windows 8, 7, Vista, Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Easy method to get back deleted or lost data from HTC tablet:

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery application to your Windows computer
  • Attach your HTC tablet to that Windows PC via UMS mode
  • Open the software and stick to the main screen instructions
  • Click on “Deleted File Recovery” option to rescue deleted data or use “Lost File Recovery” option to bring back missing data from HTC tablet
  • The program scans and detects your HTC tablet device on Windows system; choose that drive and click “Next” button
  • This utility scans HTC tablet device and displays removed or lost files from that device
  • Mark the files which you want to regain and click on “Next”
  • Save retrieved data to your desired destination location on your system, but not to the same HTC tablet device to prevent data overwriting

Significant Instructions:

  • Preventions is better than cure, so regularly backup precious data stored in HTC tablet on system or other storage devices
  • Always stay away from installing invalid or unauthentic third party apps on HTC tablet