Rescue Photos from Android Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is popular version of Android operating system. Android Jelly bean provides greater speed and simplicity over earlier versions of Android operating systems. One will find improved notification facility, default chrome, smart Bluetooth support, high performance graphics, 3D realistic, etc features, which makes Android Jelly Bean ready for a new class of apps. However, irrespective of the latest platform, people often face data loss scenarios in Android devices installed with Jelly Bean OS.

Let us discuss a scenario where a user gets his new Android Smartphone which is running with Android Jelly Bean operating system. As user is novice to that Android device, he came across a situation where he lost large number of photos, which he has captured from that Smartphone. User gets stunned to view none of pictures present in his phone after he suddenly disconnects the USB cable connecting his computer and Android device. Therefore it is suggested not to detach the cable abruptly. Unknowing or involuntarily in few instances you might become victim for such incidents.

Let us consider few other scenarios for losing or erasing images from Android Jelly Bean devices:

  • Inadvertent Deletion: You might involuntarily delete some of pictures or most treasured photos from Android device with Jelly Bean OS by selecting “Delete All” option while attempting to Preview the images of your unforgettable moments
  • Unintentional formatting: When using Android Jelly Bean device, you might format it’s storage space without you awareness and it will result in long-lasting deletion of photos and other files
  • Android Jelly Bean Corruption: Due to virus or malware attack, improper handling of the device, etc Android Jelly Bean operating system can get corrupt. This will leads to loss of large number of files including your precious photo files

Are you the one who is wondering on how to recover missing photos from Android device having Jelly Bean OS? Well you are fortunate to read this page. As you can now easily get back all lost or deleted photos from Android Jelly Bean phone. The best Android Jelly Bean photo recovery software named Yodot Android Data Recovery can restore your missing or erased photo files easily from Android Smartphone running with Jelly Bean operating system.

Android Jelly Bean Recovery software:

Yodot Android Data Recovery tool can retrieve different formats of photos from Android Jelly Bean devices on Windows system. After launching this utility, you no more have to worry about image recovery process; it’s simple and interactive graphical interface helps to rescue deleted or lost pictures easily. This tool can regain lost photos of various types of photos (JPEG, GIF, PNG, SRW, TIFF, BMP ARW, NEF, etc), videos, music files, APK files and others from Android phone’s internal and external memory. Including Jelly Bean Android, the software can bring back images from Android devices with Ice Cream Sandwich, Ginger Bread, Froyo operating systems. Additionally, it recovers media files from various Android Smartphone brands like Sony Ericson, LG, Samsung, Acer, Motorola, HTC, Micromax, etc on Windows operating systems.

Steps to recover photo files from Android Jelly Bean:

Note: Software is capable of recognizing Android devices that gets connected to system via UMS mode i.e. USB Mass Storage; it doesn’t support for MTP / PTP mode of connectivity

  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery application to a your Windows system
  • Connect in your Android Jelly Bean device to that Windows system
  • Run the installed program and follow the main screen directives
  • Now you will find a screen with all the available drives of Windows system along with externally attached Android device
  • Select the partition that designates your Android Smartphone installed with Jelly Bean OS and click on “Next” button
  • In next screen select “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” option to extract missing or deleted photo files based on data loss scenarios
  • Wait until the Android Jelly Bean device scanning process gets complete
  • After completion of scanning process, the tool displays all the missing or deleted photos
  • Preview the recovered image files before saving them
  • Lastly, save your rescued picture files to your desired location, however not to the same Android Jelly Bean phone’s memory space to prevent overwriting of data.

Valuable tips:

  • It is suggested not to use Android Jelly Bean device after losing or deleting photos from it
  • Avoid disconnecting or ejecting Android device abruptly from other host devices
  • Follow security measures like installing anti-virus software to avoid virus attack on your Android Smartphone