Restore Files from LG Optimus G Pro Phone

LG Optimus is a series of android smart phone designed and manufactured by LG Electronics. This cell is loaded with many advanced features which allows users to perform multiple task easily. Browsing mail, making call, chatting, playing games, capturing photos, recording videos and many more can be done with click of a button. Running on Android Jelly Bean OS, user can install and use many useful applications and use them accordingly.

The media files on this gadget can be stored on memory cards which are available. Using which photos, videos and music files can be stored and are easily accessible. The Smartphone comes with a high quality camera quality which allows you to capture images with utmost perfection and it also has an extended battery life so that there is no interruption while using the Smartphone.

During the process of viewing photos or while listening to music or when watching videos there are chances of those files getting lost or deleted. Accidental deletion or abrupt removal of phone from the system may be one cause, but there are many other reasons. It’s better that you have good amount of knowledge of how those media files are lost, so that it will help you be aware of data loss scenario.

  • Unintentional Deletion of the media files that are saved on your LG Optimus G Pro smartphone
  • Using restore factory setting options to get rid of any errors or problems without backing up its contents
  • Transfer error also leads to loss of important pictures and other media files. Abruptly removing the storage media while the read or write process is still going on in the system
  • Virus infection is also been a major reason behind data loss from LG Optimus G Pro device and etc

Can Your Media Files be recovered from LG Optimus G Pro?

Yes of course! All media files that were lost from your device can be restored back without much effort by using Yodot Android Data Recovery software. Scanning of entire drive can be completed within minutes and retrieved data can be viewed based on their file size, name of the file, date in which the file was created and different signatures that are associated with these file types. Make use of “Save recovery session” option to avoid rescanning of the entire cell phone after software purchase.

Follow these steps to perform media recovery process:

Note: Yodot Android Data Recovery tool supports recovery of data from Android devices that have UMS mode of connection to the system.

  • Connect your LG Optimus G Pro smartphone to a healthy Windows desktop / laptop
  • Download this application from the website by using the download button
  • Once download gets completed install this tool in your system and begin the recovery process
  • Launch the application from desktop and choose either of the two options “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select the appropriate option and then go to next screen that will present you with the set of drives that are present in your system
  • Select the drive which represents your LG device
  • After completion of scanning process, recovered media files are listed and you can preview them before saving those files to respective location

Tips to Remember

  • Keep backup of your files in any external storage device like portable hard disk, USB drives, CDs, DVDs etc
  • Have updated antivirus installed, schedule regular scanning your device
  • Abrupt removal of the storage device is not encouraged