Get Back Lost Data from Android

“I cannot find few files present in my Android device. As far as I remember, I have not deleted anything or commenced any action that could delete files from my Android. Actually, yesterday I had browsed and downloaded few files from internet; might be those files were infected with viruses which caused data loss from my Android device. I can run antivirus software to remove viruses from my Android phone, but this will not help me to get those files which I have lost. Has anyone advices for me regarding this issue???”

Nowadays android devices can be seen with every individual. People rely on Android device to do many tasks such as calling, texting, browsing, playing games, searching for locations and many other things which they can do using computers or laptops. Many users store huge amount of data in their Android Smartphones and Tablets as they have more storage space and also facilitates to increase its memory by inserting external memory card. However, storing data in Android is not an issue, but problem starts when users lose data from it without any knowledge due to mentioned reasons:

Assumed reasons behind file loss from Android:

  • Freezing problem in Android: As one can download different applications from Google Play Store in your Android phone or Smartphone, users may download plenty of tools using Google Play store. However, overload of files or applications could cause Android device to freeze and you may forcefully turn it off to correct its condition. Even though turning off Android device will help you to overcome your problem, you may lose precious data from it
  • Operating system upgrade: Since different versions of Android operating systems are available, you may upgrade it to get better performance. Up gradation process will replaces only OS files in your Android and retains files and folders present in it. But, if something happens in the middle of upgrading process then you may lose files from Android device without your knowledge
  • Losing while transferring:Abruptly removing cable from Android device, power failure, inappropriate system shut down, low battery of Android etc. while taking backup of important files or transferring files from Android device to your computer could make you lose files which you were supposed to back up on your computer

Android lost data recovery software:

It might be devastating when you open to view files but find that they are missing from your Android device. But by using software like Yodot Android Data Recovery you can make it visible again and view. This is specialized software to recover your data from Android smartphones and Tablets. It scans both internal as well as external memory of your Android and finds for lost files to restore them. As it is read only software, it will not alter original content or structure of the files. Since many users who use Android device are less technically skilled, they might assume that it will be difficult for them to restore their files. However the good news is; the steps detailed in the application are so easy that even a person with average computer knowledge can use it to restore data from Google Android Tablet or Phones such as Samsung, Micromax, Motorola, Acer, Dell, Sony, etc. by connecting them to computer which is running with latest Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Note: As Yodot Android Data Recovery software runs on only UMS mass storage mode, download it only if your Android device supports UMS mode

Steps to bring back lost data from Android:

  • Download the software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Once you follow the instructions to install the software, run it to begin the recovery
  • On the main screen two options will be visible which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • In order to recover lost files click on “Lost File Recovery”
  • Now both drive representing your Android device’s phone memory and external memory will be displayed on the screen
  •  Wait till the scanning process gets completed and then make your selection using two view types which are “Data View” “File Type View”
  • Preview recovered media files to confirm about your selection
  • Finally choose a location to save retrieved files in a location

Notable Points:

  • Backup important files into any safe location before you proceed to upgrading process
  • Uninstall unwanted application from your Android device as it might reduce your Android device speed