Retrieve Data off Motorola Moto G

“Hi everyone; as you all know, I am posting here because I have struck in a problem. I own Motorola Moto G Smartphone, a Google product which has only internal memory. By being conscious that there is no expandable memory on the mobile; I had stored huge data on my Moto G phone. Recently I deleted few unneeded files from it and after deletion; I realized that I had deleted few very essential files. Unfortunately, I do not have backup of erased files which I had deleted inadvertently. Please solve my problem by letting me know if there is any possible way to get back files from my Motorola Moto G Smartphone. Thanks a ton…”

Motorola Moto G is famous Android Smartphone because of its cost effectiveness. It is a worthy mobile for its price, as it is a dual sim phone with satisfactory phone specifications. It has 4.5-inch HD (1280x720 pixels) screen which is a good resolution and a good pixel density of 326ppi. It comes with 5MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera with two variable internal memory storage space of 8/16GB. While using the phone, you may commit mistakes as explained in the above instance. Other scenarios wherein you tend to lose data from Motorola Moto G are as described below:

  • When files are getting transferred from Motorola Moto G, the process gets interrupted due to sudden turn off of mobile due to battery drainage, if it doesn’t have sufficient battery charge
  • If you restore Motorola Moto G phone to factory settings, entire files saved on Moto g phone will be erased except the files which were there on phone when you purchased it
  • Files will be lost if the battery is low and gets off before while updating the Android OS to higher version on Motorola Moto G Phone
  • Virus, Malware and external threats infection on Motorola Moto G Android phone result in loss of files

Whatever may be the reason behind data loss from Motorola Moto G cell phone, you need not get panic. There is a secure way to restore all deleted or lost data from Motorola Moto G using Yodot Android Data Recovery software.

Motorola Moto G recovery software:

Data lost or deleted from internal memory of Motorola Moto G mobile phone can be recovered easily using Yodot Android Data Recovery software. This utility has simple user interface and can retrieve music files, photos, videos, documents, program files, etc. It is capable of restoring data from various Smartphones and Tablets that are working on Android Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread and Froyo operating systems. Other than Motorola, you can even recover files from various models of Android Smartphones manufactured by Sony, Samsung, HTC, Micromax, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, etc. by using Android data recovery utility. You not only can retrieve data from internal memory but also from external memory of Android devices using this tool.

Detailed steps to get files from Motorola Moto G:

Note: Yodot Android Data Recovery tool can be used to retrieve data from Motorola Moto G android phone which gets detected in USB Mass Storage mode.

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software from this website and install it on your PC
  • Connect Motorola Moto G phone to your computer and then run installed software
  • From main screen, select “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” according to the data loss scenario you have came across
  • In the next screen, software displays that an Android device has been detected when it recognizes the Motorola Moto G phone. Click on Next to proceed
  • Select icon of Motorola Moto G drive and click on Next
  • Choose file types which you want to restore from the list on next screen and select Next option
  • Software starts scanning Motorola Moto G and displays the result in ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’
  • Select ant recovered media file and click on ‘Preview’ to view it
  • Save recovered files from Motorola Moto G onto any location on PC drive using ‘Save’ option


  • Keep a check on free memory space on Motorola Moto G phone to avoid accidental data deletion when you need to clear memory in order to save important data in emergency
  • Backup your important files of Motorola Moto G on a drive of computer and make use of it in case of loss of data from phone