How to Retrieve Images from Samsung Captivate?

Samsung Android cell phones are ruling the market in present generation world. Majority of the cell phone users have switched to this product called as Samsung Captivate which by itself is one of the powerful Smartphone created by Samsung. Talking about Samsung Captivate, let’s go through some of its eye catching features.

It’s fully loaded with 2.3 Android, Gingerbread and has amoled touchscreen, carefully designed with integrated social networking capabilities and has faster texting with swipe. Internally it is equipped with 16GB memory slot and has 32GB extendable support as for external memory. Most of the contents that are stored in these types of Smartphones are media files i.e. pictures, audio files, video files and other file types.

Due to certain reasons, it so happens that while previewing pictures which are saved in your Samsung Captive Smartphone, you accidentally delete them. This is so heart breaking as the most valuable information is gone within a blink of an eye and you could do nothing about it. There is no need to get upset about this important file loss; you can recover pictures from Samsung Captivate Smartphone with the help of Android photo recovery tool.

Loss of pictures from your Samsung Captivate Smartphone occurs due to:

  • Power Surge: Sudden loss of power when Samsung Captivate cell phone is connected to the system for carrying out read or writes process can result in loss of precious pictures that were being transferred. Hence a good source of power backup should be maintained to prevent photo loss
  • Unintentional Deletion: While previewing photos that are saved in your Samsung Captivate cell phone you may delete a single image file and unknowingly end up in deleting the entire contents of the folder making it completely empty
  • Abrupt Removal: Abrupt removal of your Samsung Captivate device from computer while the files are being processed will certainly cause loss of the photos that were being used. Therefore it is recommended that you follow proper procedure for exiting your device
  • Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, there are other reasons that cause loss of pictures like formatting, OS corruption, memory card damage, improper handling of the Samsung Captivate cell phone and many others.

Android Photo Recovery Tool

With the installation of Yodot Android Data Recovery tool, half of your recovery process is done. Now after the completion of the installation procedure follow the guidelines that are provided with the simple graphical user interface present in the tool and rescue your photos that were lost or deleted from Samsung Captivate Android Smartphone. Apart from recovering photos, the user can also easily get back other media files like audio, video and different types of file formats from Android phone’s internal memory and external storage device(SD card). HTC, Motorola, Micromax, LG, Sony and others are some of the well known brands that are supported by Yodot Android Data Recovery tool.

Know how to use this Android Data Recovery Tool:

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery application and install it in your computer or laptop
  • Connect your Samsung Captivate to the Windows system
  • Run the recovery utility by using the short icon present on desktop
  • You have two options that will be displayed on the main screen, “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Click on the option that suits your picture loss scenario
  • The tool detects your Samsung Captivate Smartphone and displays your drive associated with it
  • Select the drive from where data is to be retrieved
  • The application performs deep scanning of the drive that is selected and lists the image files in a respective order
  • Choose the pictures that have to be restored and preview the required files
  • Lastly, save those retrieved files to your desired destination location as available to the host operating system user


  • Always check twice before deleting your important photos from your Samsung Captivate Smartphone
  • Avoid taking pictures from the Captivate Android cell phone when the battery is low
  • Never abruptly eject your Samsung Captivate from system when read or write process is going on