Recovery of Recently Erased Photos from Android

“Hi everyone, I recently erased few photos from my Android phone without proper confirmation. Soon realized that these pictures are further required but by that time, the files were already deleted. So, can anyone tell me the best way to retrieve recently deleted photos from Android phone? Thanks in advance.”

Situation like mentioned above can occur with any Android user, who store crucial pictures in Smartphones and Android Tablets. In today’s technology, Android gadgets are designed as alternative for cameras to capture high quality clear pictures. Hence, it is obvious to feel devastated when photos are deleted from Android devices. Apart from the one given in first paragraph, users tend to delete pictures from Android devices in many scenarios including:

  • Wrongly erasing photos from Android while performing other tasks
  • Formatting the memory card on Android unexpectedly will erase all picture files from it
  • Installing unsecure apps on Android can lead to unexpected deletion of files like photos from it
  • If Android device gets infected with malicious viruses then chances of losing photos from it is more

In any of these cases, if you are worried about photos deleted from Android and thinking how to recover such deleted photos then here is the solution. Make use of reliable Android recovery tool that is free from malicious and has user friendly interface.

Software to recover recently deleted photos from Android:

Yodot Android Data Recovery is the excellent utility to get back recent photos deleted from Smartphones and Tablets. This tool can restore pictures, videos, music, application files, etc. from Android phones that run with Android Froyo, Ginger Bread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean OS versions. Its resourceful recovery modules can get back files from Android after accidental deletion, unforeseen missing of files, virus intrusion, factory reset and so on. It is capable of recovering deleted photos from Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Desire, Sony Xperia and other Android models. This eminent software can be used on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers and laptops with ease.

Simple steps to accomplish Android deleted photo recovery:

Please Note: Before using the software, connect the Android device along with its memory card to Windows computer through UMS mode only

  • Download the software on to a Windows computer and install it
  • Make connection between victim Android phone and the system via UMS mode
  • When main screen displays, click on Deleted File Recovery option as to restore erased photos
  • Then, select the drive that represents storage drive of Android from which photos are erased
  • Later, allow the software to scan selected drive to retrieve erased photos
  • As scanning process completes, all restored files will get displayed in Data View / File Type View
  • Search for required files in the list and preview selected images
  • Then at last, save the recovered images in new target location on host computer drive, but not on the same Android device

Valuable Tips:

  • Avoid deletion of photos from Android in bulk
  • Always have proper backup of recently captured pictures to get rid of unexpected deletion