How to Retrieve Android APK files?

APK file is a abbreviated form of Android Application Package File. This file format in Android devices is used to install third party application software on Android OS on the mobile. This APK is a package of files similar to ZIP or JAR archive which holds varieties of files like resources, application’s code (.dex files), assets, manifest file. These application files are generally saved with .apk file extension.

Every Android device holds certain APK files to accomplish the usage of required applications on that device. However, Android mobile users often face uncertainties while using applications on the device as result of .apk file loss. So, let us know what causes loss of APK files from Android mobiles and tablets.

Scenarios that lead to loss of Android application package files:

  • Unintentional deletion: Many times, deletion of files is the main reason that cause loss of APK files on Android device
  • Formatting Storage device on Android phone: When APK files are stored on externally attached memory device instead of internal memory then formatting the card will erase all files including APK files that are saved on it
  • Other causes: Improper download / upload of APK files on Android device, restoring Android device to its factory settings, corruption of memory card, etc. may also result in loss of APK files

When you encounter loss of APK files from Smartphones, you need not worry much as you can restore back these files from Android devices with the use of third party recovery tool.

Which software yields the best results in recovering APK files?

Yodot Android Data Recovery is an excellent recovery tool to get back lost or erased APK files from Android OS. It follows safe and secure process of data recovery without altering the file contents during recovery process. You can retrieve various files from Android OS based devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. using this Android recovery tool. It assists in recovery of video files, pictures, audio files, etc. along with APK files from Smartphones and Tablets with Android OS.

With the use of this software you can restore files from different models of Smartphones like HTC Desire, Samsung galaxy series, LG Optimus, Dell Android phones, Sony Xperia, Acer Iconia, etc. It supports to work on various Windows operated systems like Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Steps to restore APK files on Android:

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software on to Windows system
  • Connect the Android device along with its external storage media to the system
  • Now, launch the utility by following given steps
  • In the main screen, select the drive that represents externally connected Smartphone on system
  • Next, you will see these options “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select and click on appropriate option based on APK file loss scenario
  • Once you click next, recovery process starts; progress bar shows recovery status
  • Next, screen shows all files recoverable from the Android device
  • Select required APK files to be restored
  • Select a new location to save them and finish the process

Points to be remembered:

  • Always save the recovered APK files on system before saving it on Android device
  • While handling APK files on any Android device, follow safe procedure
  • Avoid unintentional deletion of files, check before erasing any data