How to Recover Erased Files on Android Froyo?

“Hello everyone. I use Samsung Galaxy S with Android OS 2.2 running on it. Recently while updating few apps on it, I erased certain files related to some application thinking that those files are no more required. But, later I found that I had also deleted important files along with unwanted files. Now, I need to recover back the deleted files from my Smartphone, how is it possible. Please suggest any good solution.”

Android Smartphones and Tablets are the trendiest gadgets that most of the people preferably use in this digital era. Smartphones having Android OS are built with exceptional features than normal cellular phones and hence, most of the mobile users love to use Android Smartphones for numerous purposes. Among various Android OS versions, Android 2.2 (Froyo) is pretty famous when compared to all its previous versions. Phones with this OS version delivers high performance and provides user-friendly interface to explore entire world within a single phone. This OS version supports adding applications onto SD card (app-on-SD) so that it becomes easy to run the app from SD card itself.

Android Froyo also includes many features for multi-tasking (one can simultaneous run multiple apps on the phone at the same time) and has excellent inbuilt browsers which offer freeness to download any required apps from internet, etc. Most importantly, Android Smartphone with Froyo can be turned as a WiFi hotspot i.e. phone can be used as broadband modem for computers with no USB cable. Yet, there are many uncertainties that still trouble most of the users of Android Froyo. One such thing is data loss from Android Froyo Smartphone as mentioned in the above scenario.

Below given are other scenarios that incur deletion of files from Android 2.2 Froyo Smartphones:

  • Unintended SD card format: The external storage media on Smartphones like SD card stores various apps and data on it. So, formatting the card on your Smartphone or when connected to system can completely erase files present on it
  • Restoring to factory settings: When Android device is restored to its default factory settings, entire data present on the phone’s memory will be washed out in no time
  • Downloading unsecured applications: Making use of unauthenticated apps on your Android Froyo device can bring upon deletion of files from it
  • Wrong deletion: Erasing important files instead of unwanted files when the device is connected to system and malicious virus infection are also the most possible reasons behind file deletion from Android 2.2

When files are intentionally / unintentionally erased from Android Froyo gadgets, you need not worry much as there are plenty of Android recovery tools that can rescue all your deleted data. Prior to that, it is highly recommended not to save any files on Android 2.2 phone from which files were deleted.

Best Android file recovery tool:

One of the most reliable and resourceful retrieval tool for Android devices is Yodot Android Data Recovery Software. This software proficiently extracts all files from Android gadgets with minimum effort, thus assists you to recover deleted files on Android 2.2 successfully. This Android data restoration program can be utilized on Smartphones and Tablets of various brands like HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Dell, so on. It is capable of recovering pictures, songs, videos, applications files, etc. regardless of how they were deleted or lost. This recovery software brings back files lost / deleted from Android devices having Android OS 2.2, 2.3, 4.0 and 4.1 versions on all major Windows operating system based computers.

Steps to retrieve deleted files from Android 2.2 devices:

Note: Software is capable of recognizing Android devices (Smartphone’s and Tablets) that gets connected to system via UMS mode i.e. USB Mass Storage; it doesn’t support for MTP / PTP mode of connectivity

  • Download and mount Yodot Android Recovery tool on your Windows PC
  • Connect your Android 2.2 Smartphone / Tablet to the system by selecting UMS mode
  • Launch the software and wait till the main screen is displayed
  • Now, the software scans the system for presence of Android gadget on it
  • After detecting Android device, the tool provides two options in the main screen
  • Select “Deleted File Recovery” option to extract erased files
  • Now, software scans the device along with its external storage media for all deleted files
  • After completion of scanning process, save recovery session to avoid re-scanning the device in future
  • Then, go through and preview the files that are recoverable from the Smartphone in Data View / File type view window
  • Next, select required files, target a location on host computer and save them by clicking on save button

Useful information:

  • Before erasing any files from Android devices make sure that the files are not necessary anymore
  • Maintain regular backup of essential files
  • Do not download apps from unauthenticated sites
  • Don’t eject your Android phone during file transfer
  • Keep your Android gadget virus-free by using effective anti-virus software