Retrieval of Deleted Files from Android 4.0 Device

Have you deleted files from Android device installed with Ice Cream Sandwich OS? Then go through this write-up thoroughly. Deleted files are tough to recover manually from Android devices with 4.0 version OS, as there is no source to hold removed files in these components unlike Windows or Mac systems (Recycle Bin and Trash). Then what is your opinion regarding permanently deleted files from your Android 4.0 device? If you are thinking that erased files will lead to long-lasting deletion, then leave this negative thought from your mind and try to know about few facts about this issue as listed below:

  • Deletion of file just removes the address pointer of it from file allocation table
  • Android 4.0 operating system fails to identify deleted file and marks its memory space as free
  • Whereas the removed files are still present on Android 4.0 device storage space
  • The deleted files can be restorable until its storage space is occupied by new data

Therefore, don’t worry when you delete files on Android device having 4.0 version of operating system. Let us consider some of the main reasons for deletion of files on Android 4.0 device:

  • Unintentionally deleting files along with some unwanted files from your Android Smartphone running with 4.0 version OS
  • Harmful virus, spyware, malware attacks on the Android 4.0 device sometimes leads to deletion of affected files
  • Mistakenly formatting the Android 4.0 phone memory card using “Format” option will result in removal of entire files preserved in it
  • Restoring your Android 4.0 device to its factory settings will erases complete files saved in it
  • Unauthorized applications installed on the Android 4.0 may causes deletion files without your intimation

After encountering these scenarios, you might start online search related to retrieving deleted files from Android 4.0. If so, then don’t worry anymore about deleted files!!! Even permanently deleted files will be restored with the aid of fine Android file restoration software; even though there are many Android recovery tool on the internet, Yodot Android Data Recovery tool is suggested one.

Few things about Android Data Recovery tool:

Yodot Android Data Recovery utility is among the best data retrieval software to rescue deleted files from Android 4.0 device on Windows system. Including removed files, the application is capable to get back lost or missing files from Android devices i.e. Smartphones and Tablets. You can restore all kinds of files like audios, videos, photos, APK files and other file formats stored on Android 4.0 OS. The application regains erased files from external storage device as well as internal storage memory of Android 4. 0. In addition to Android 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich), this utility extracts deleted files from Android device installed with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and other Android operating systems.

Steps to get back deleted files from Android 4.0:

Note: This software regains data from Android 4.0 Smartphone if is working on USB Mass Storage (UMS) mode.

  • Connect your Android 4.0 device to Windows desktop or laptop
  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery application and install it to that Windows computer
  • Execute the utility and proceed with on screen guidelines
  • Now the software explores all the drives associated with PC
  • Choose the drive that represents your Android 4.0 device
  • In main screen select “Deleted File Recovery” option in order to retrieve recovered files
  • After this the tool scans the selected drive and shows list of deleted files from Android 4.0 device
  • Finally, pick your preferred files and browse for desired destination to save these rescued files (Do not save to the same Android device from where you have recovered deleted files)

Precautionary steps:

  • It is a smart act to backup your essential files of Android device on some other storage devices
  • Do not use Android 4.0 Smartphone on virus infected devices in order to keep it virus free
  • Avoid saving new files on Android device after data loss