Get Back Photos Deleted from Sony Xperia Tipo

“I have received few songs to my Sony Xperia Tipo Smartphone from my friend’s phone through Bluetooth. My phone was working fine before I get songs from my friend’s phone; but now it started hanging and do not open a file even though I tap on the screen several times to open it. Worse than this is, when I connected Sony Xperia Tipo to my Windows computer, it showed an error message stating that the “SD Card is not formatted’. I know that formatting will erase entire data from my Sony Xperia Tipo phone. Is there any solution to my problem? Kindly let me know...”

Since usage of Smartphone has tremendously increased over the time, users desire to add more songs, movies and applications to it. Many users prefer using Bluetooth to transfer files from one device to another. In above situation, user has got song through Bluetooth device from friend’s phone which is infected with viruses and along with songs viruses too transferred to Sony Xperia Tipo Android phone and corrupted file system of SD card. As a consequence of this, Windows OS could not detect SD card’s file system on Sony Xperia Tipo phone and showed format error message. Other than this, there are few more causes that incur data loss from Sony Xperia Tipo Smartphone. Following are few of them:

  • Capturing photos even when you get warning message about low battery would delete images from Sony Xperia Tipo smartphone
  • Sony Xperia Tipo provides an option called “Unmount SD card option”. This will help you to safely remove your SD card without causing any damage to it. However, if you do not utilize this option, then you may lose your photos stored on it
  • Like all Smartphones, even Sony Xperia Tipo has got “Format” option. To avoid erasing your files, it shows warning message under the format option that ‘using this feature would erase entire data from Sony Xperia Tipo Android phone’. Still, some users do not read it and give command to format option which results in erasing entire data from it
  • Mistakenly deleting vital photos from Sony Xperia Tipo Android phone while trying to delete not so good photos is the main reason liable for deleting pictures

Many Sony Xperia Tipo Android users get disappointed for the fact that they cannot view photos from it. Hence the big question by these users is how to restore recover deleted photos from Sony Xperia Tipo Smartphone. Despite data loss experience, one can get deleted pictures back from Sony Xperia Tipo Smartphone by using Android Recovery software like Yodot Recovery for Android.

Photo recovery software for Sony Xperia Tipo:

Yodot Recovery for Android software will search and display deleted and lost photos from Sony Xperia Tipo and arranges them according to file name, date and size. Many users have used this software and rated it as the best Android data recovery software for recovering photos, videos, music files and other documents from various Smartphones and Tablets. As many users are downloading applications from Google play, all of them get stored in APK file format. So if you have deleted these APK files, then this application will even help you to restore APK files from android devices. It supports data recovery from all Android phones and Tablets manufactured by Sony, Samsung, Micromax, Motorola, Acer, Dell, Intex, Google, HTC, Lenovo, Panasonic and other brands running on Gingerbread, Froyo, Ice-cream Sandwich and Jelly bean Android operating systems. Other than Sony Xperia Tip, it can successfully recover deleted pictures from Sony Xperia Go, Sony Xperia Ion, Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia U, Sony Xperia Mini Pro, Sony Xperia Ray, Sony Tablet Z, Sony Xperia Arc S, Sony Xperia C, Sony Xperia Sola, Sony Xperia Miro, Sony Xperia J, Sony Xperia L, Sony Xperia V, Sony Xperia SP and other models.

Note: You can recover files from Sony Xperia Tipo Smartphone only when it supports UMS mode; so make sure that it runs on UMS mode before downloading Yodot Android Data Recovery software.

Procedure to get back files from Sony Xperia Tipo:

  • Connect Sony Xperia Tipo phone to your Windows computer using USB cable
  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery software to the computer on which you have attached Sony Xperia Tipo
  • Run the software to restore your files and choose anyone out of the two options “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose the drive of Sony Xperia Tipo from where you need to rescue your deleted photo files
  • Allow the application to scan the Xperia Tip phone and view the recoverable pictures
  • Preview photos files and save them on a desired location on your system or on external storage drive

Measures to be taken:

  • If you suspect that any device known to you is virus infected, then do not receive or transfer any file to it
  • Never hit upon any option unless you know what will happen after clicking on it