File Recovery from Micromax FunBook

“After months of looking for a perfect Tablet, I finally bought Micromax Funbook Tablet. Through which I could chat online with my friends, add photos, watch movies and I also have many important applications which I often use. And suddenly one day my Tablet freezes up due to malfunctioning of an application. So instead of trying to find which application was the culprit. I formatted my Tablets SD card to overcome the problem. But it erased all the vital data from my Micromax Funbook Tablet. However, I don’t want to lose all my valuable videos, movies and applications. Can I recover them back?”

Alright! You need not worry. The data which you lost due to format can easily be recovered from your Micromax Funbook Tablet. The chances of recovery are very high if the formatted SD card is not overwritten by any new data. So it is recommended not to store any new data onto the formatted Funbook’s memory card.

A Tablet is one of the popular portable device, which is widely used in day to day life. Earlier Tablets very especially used for entertainment purpose but with the advancement of technology nowadays these Tablets are used in different fields including business and education.

What are the scenarios due to which data loss can occur in Micromax Funbook?

  • Unintentionally deleting important data from your Funbook Tablet
  • Ejecting SD card from Tablet during writing process leads to data loss from SD card
  • Memory card corruption due to virus attack leads to inaccessibility of data from memory card which in turn results in data loss from SD card
  • Formatting Tablets SD card accidentally from the device or when connected to PC / laptop
  • Power surge while transferring data from Tablet to PC

How to retrieve data from Micromax Funbook?

Yodot Android Data Recovery is among the best Android recovery software to retrieve videos, pictures, music, apps, archives and many other files which were either deleted / lost / formatted from Micromax Funbook’s SD card. This utility has a very friendly user interface through which a person with less technical knowledge can also recover his lost data very easily. Apart from recovering data from Micromax Funbook Tablet, this tool also supports recovery of files from different Tablet devices manufacturers such as HCL, Karbonn, Samsung etc.

Procedure for Data Recovery

  • First, download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery application to your laptop or desktop
  • Plug in your Micromax Funbook Tablet to your system via USB cable and let the Tablet get detected
  • Run the application and stick to the onscreen procedure to retrieve data from your Tablet
  • Choose “Deleted File Recovery” option to recover deleted data or “Lost File Recovery” option to restore lost data
  • Select the drive, which represents your Funbook Tablet device
  • Allow the scanning process to complete
  • The software shows the list of recoverable files from your Tablet
  • Select the files which are to be recovered
  • Browse for the destination location to save recovered files, although not on to your Micromax Funbook because the chances of original data getting replaced will be very high

Useful Tips

  • Don’t improperly eject Android Tablet during file transfer or copying process
  • It is suggested to not use Funbook Tablet after accidental format or deletion to avoid overwriting
  • Avoid using SD card on different storage devices
  • Regularly backup your important SD card data to any external storage device