Restore Photos from HTC Android Phone

“I have HTC phone which is running on Jelly Bean Android OS. It was working fine but don’t know what happened suddenly, it used to hang frequently when I try to access any information or while using internet. One of my friends has suggested me that resetting will help to solve my issue. So without thinking anything, I clicked on “Reset Phone” option. After selecting this option, entire data from my HTC phone got erased. I lost many of my precious pics which I never intend to lose. Can anyone suggest me the best way to overcome my problem?”

There are many users who make use of “Reset” option when they have the problem of freezing, poor call quality as well as the inability to access internet on HTC phone. Resetting will solve these issues and restores your phone to its original factory setting. But disadvantage of using this method is that it will erase entire data from HTC phone. Under such circumstance one should look for important files in backup copy. However, in your busy schedule you might forget to backup important photos, videos, music and other data from HTC Android phone. Hopefully, there is a way to get back deleted / lost photos from HTC android phone.

Most probable causes behind photo loss from HTC Phone

  • You may sometimes accidentally delete precious photos while trying to remove unwanted pictures from HTC phone
  • If something happens and upgrading process of Android OS is terminated then you will lose not only photos but other data from HTC phone
  • Photos from HTC phone might get deleted if you used to click images even though its battery is running out of power
  • When you use HTC Phone to use internet without downloading antivirus software, then viruses may transfer to HTC phone and erase few pictures without any notification
  • Clicking on “Format” option when HTC Phone is connected to Windows computer would result in losing complete data along with photos

Some HTC phone users will simply ignore these scenarios if the photos they have lost are not so important. But in case the photos are very crucial, then they feel bad for not taking their backup. So, to help you in this regard here is software named Yodot Android Data Recovery.

Eye-catching features of HTC phone recovery tool:

Yodot Android Data Recovery is one such excellent software which has got the ability to restore photos from HTC phone lost due to any critical situation. This tool works successfully on all kinds of HTC Android phones. Beside recovering photos from HTC phone, it will assist you in getting back other files such as videos, music files, documents and lots more. One can make use of this application to get back files from devices such as Phone, Tablet and Phablets running on Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread and Froyo Android operating systems.

Note: In case your HTC phone doesn’t not support UMS mode, then Yodot Android Data Recovery software will not help you to recover deleted / lost photos. At the same time, if HTC phone is running on Windows OS then also this tool will not assist you to restore your files.

HTC Phone photo recovery procedure:

  • Connect your HTC Android phone to Windows computer and then click on the option “USB Mass Storage” from it
  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software onto that system
  • Install and launch the tool by following the instructions given on the screen
  • Now click either on “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” to recover your photos from HTC Smartphone
  • Now, the software starts to scan both internal and external memory of the device
  • Choose the drive from where you need to retrieve back your pictures
  • Select required files to be recovered from the list of file types provided
  • Specify a desired location to save recovered files and click on “save” option

Hints to protect data:

  • Do not use “Reset” option unless you backup important files from HTC phone
  • Stop using HTC phone if its battery is to the last bar
  • Be careful while deleting photos because important images might get deleted along with unwanted ones