How to Get Pictures off LG Optimus Phone?

“I own LG Optimus S Android phone on which I have saved numerous pictures and videos captured in vivid occasions. But, recently while I was accessing some data from the phone, I mistakenly pressed delete option after selecting few photo files from its internal storage and not on the card. Is there any way to recover photos from LG Optimus Android phone? Please suggest me good solution for the situation. Many thanks in advance.”

LG is the most trusted producer of digital gadgets. One of the well known products by LG Company is its Android phone, LG Optimus. This excellent Android OS gadget gained huge confidence of many users across the world because of its high-end performance, technically sound functionalities and amazing looks. LG Optimus Android phone has different series like Optimus S, Optimus G, Optimus V, Optimus F3, L9, G Pro, L90, L3, L7 and the recent one Optimus F7. Users use this Smartphone to capture superb quality pictures and HD quality videos with the help of its primary and secondary cameras. However, the Smartphone is no far from data disasters like losing pictures and other data in various instances. Some of the frequently occurring scenarios that cause loss of memorable photos from LG Optimus are:

  • Unintentional deletion as mentioned in the above example is the main cause behind removal of necessary pictures from LG Optimus phone
  • Formatting the external memory card on the phone without proper backup of all recent files can also lead to loss of valuable files like photos captured on phone
  • Virus infection by connecting the Optimus phone to malware affected system,or downloading infected files on the Smartphone, can spread the virus to other files on the storage memor thus causing to auto deletion or loss of any pictures
  • Rooting the Android mobile, performing factory reset,incorrect way of updating any apps on the mobile can all lead to loss of memorable photos from LG Optimus
  • Usage of external storage memory card of LG Optimus mobile on different gadgets file system corruption of the card, abrupt removal of the card from Optimus or from the system, etc. will also add up to loss of photos on it

What to do when pictures are lost from LG Optimus Android phone?

Removal of memorable photos from LG Optimus Smartphone will create panic among its users as photos are the best way to reconnect with past events. However,if there is proper back up of necessary pictures from LG Optimus, then user can easily overcome uneven picture loss event. On the other hand, most of the users do not make practice of keeping regular backup, thus worsening the data loss situation. In such an instant, it is recommended to utilize some good Android recovery tool to extract lost and deleted photos from LG Optimus mobile phone.

Exceptional LG Optimus photo retrieval tool:

Well, there are abundant online Android recovery programs to bring back picture files and other data from Smartphones. The best match is Yodot Android Data Recovery tool. This software is enriched with powerful scanning procedure that quickly extracts all types of files from Android gadgets like LG Optimus. The tool can perform recovery of videos, songs, emails, application (.apk) files and other user data along with pictures from various LG Smartphone models besides Optimus. This utility is capable to rescue missing as well as lost files from Smartphones supported with Android OS Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. It can also retrieve files from Android gadgets other than LG such as Samsung, Sony, Dell, Micromax, HTC, Motorola and many popular ones. This tool can even restore data from memory cards like micro SD, SD, SDHC, etc. that are used on different Android Tablets and Tablets. You can employ this application on Windows PC or laptop running with Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003.

Steps to bring back photos from LG Optimus:

Note: You can use this software to recover data from Android devices that gets connected via USB Mass Storage mode on your PC.

  • Connect your LG Optimus to a Windows computer through proper connectivity
  • Download Yodot Android Recovery tool on that system
  • Then install and run the utility by following displayed instructions
  • Now select the drive representing LG Optimus Android phone from which pictures are to be recovered
  • Next screen shows two options,“Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Click on suitable option based on photo loss situation and proceed further
  • Software scans selected drive within few seconds for all lost photos and displays a list
  • Go through the list of restored pictures using Data view and File type view options
  • examine the image quality of required photos using preview option and proceed to save them
  • Specify a destination location on system drive and click on Save button

Things to Remember:

  • Frequently update the backup of required files from LG Optimus to avoid uninvited file loss
  • Be aware of slip ups like accidental deletion of photos while using the gadget
  • Avoid use of memory card from LG Optimus on other digital gadgets as it may cause card corruption