Data Recovery from Samsung Galaxy Note

“I was on a trip to Germany with my friends, snapped brilliant pictures, recorded high quality videos and installed a wide variety of applications on my brand new Samsung Galaxy Note. But just all of a sudden those precious photos, videos and applications got lost due to my friend negligence. He accidentally formatted all the data which were stored on my notes memory card. I tried connecting Galaxy note to my laptop to check whether the data was still present, but they were not. I need those vital folders back. Is it possible to recover all my data from my note’s SD card?”

Ok! Don’t get tensed? The fact is that you can recover these formatted pictures, videos and application files from your Samsung Galaxy Note unless the memory card is overwritten with any new data. So it is suggested not to add any new file or data to that formatted phone card.

Actually what happens after deletion?

Files deleted, lost or formatted from Samsung Galaxy Note are not at all beyond recovery. Whenever you delete a file or quick format a memory card only the file entries of the files are removed. In fact the file within the memory card remains physically intact, hence making it possible to recover the data. But it is also important to keep in mind that no new data should be added to your Galaxy Note phone to avoid overwriting. So it is best to stop using your Samsung Galaxy note, until deleted or lost data is retrieved back with the help of an Android recovery software.

Have a look on the scenarios that leads to data loss from your Samsung Galaxy Note:

  • Human Errors: Unintentionally deleting photos, videos, music, folders etc. from your Android phones internal memory or SD card
  • Format: Accidentally formatting of the memory card directly in your Android device or when connected to a computer system
  • Wrong Usage:
    • Ejecting the memory card in-between data transfer from PC to your Samsung Galaxy Note
    • Usage of the same SD card on different devices
  • Virus Attack: Files can also be deleted if there is any virus infection on your Samsung Galaxy Note device
  • Other Scenarios:
    • Memory card file system corruption
    • Power failure while transferring data

Is there a way to recover data from Samsung Galaxy Note?

Yes! There is way to recover data from your Android device using Yodot Android Data Recovery Software. It is one of the finest utility to recover data from your Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone. The application scans rigorously and recovers all your files including music, video, pictures and application (.apk) from your Galaxy note in an easy and efficient way. Additional to this, the tool supports recovery of files from both SD cards and internal storage memory.

Note: To retrieve data from your Samsung Galaxy Note, it is recommended to change the settings of your device: “Go to settings -> Wireless and Network ->USB connection mode and set it as USB mass storage”. This way the recovery software will be able to recognize both the internal and external SD card memory of your Samsung Galaxy Note.

How to use the software?

If you have lost important files that got deleted from Trash, don’t write any new data / files to the hard drive because it may overwrite the disk space causing permanent loss of data. Without making any delay, use Yodot Mac File Recovery software to recover deleted / lost files.

  • Download and install the Yodot Recovery for Android software to your laptop or desktop
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note device to the system via USB cable and let the device get detected
  • Open the application and follow the main screen procedure to recover data from your Samsung Note
  • Select either of the two options, “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” option to recover your Android data based on your data loss scenario
  • Choose the drive that represents your Samsung Galaxy device and click on “Next” button
  • Allow scanning process to complete
  • The application displays all recoverable data from your Android device
  • Preview the photo files and select the one which you would like to recover
  • Save the recovered files to your desired location, But not on your Samsung Note device cause chances of original data getting overwritten is very high


  • Regularly transfer your important data from your Galaxy Note to your computer
  • Avoid accidental deletion or formatting your memory card by making use of “write protect” knob
  • Don’t eject your Android phone during file transfer
  • Do not use your memory card after formatting or deletion to avoid overwriting
  • Avoid using the same phone card on different devices
  • Keep your system virus free by using effective anti-virus software