How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy S2?

Hi, can you please help me out? Yesterday I came across a major issue with my Samsung Galaxy S2. I was about to delete some of the unwanted folders from my Galaxy S2 phone in order to make free space. But without paying much intention, I mistakenly deleted all the folders present in the SD memory card that contained important photos, videos and audio files. I am so annoyed and upset! I don’t even have back up for anything. Can I somehow recover this data that was stored in the memory card of my Samsung Galaxy S2 Android mobile phone?

Ofcourse you can! When you delete a photo or video file from Samsung Galaxy S2 memory, it is not actually deleted. Its just the pointer to these files, which is removed from file allocation table but actual data remains unharmed yet inaccessible. So you can use Yodot Android Data Recovery application to scan through your Samsung Galaxy S2 memory card and recover all files present in it.

Before you start the recovery process, let us go through the various reasons that might cause data loss from your Samsung Galaxy S2:

  • Formatting Error: In order to transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy S2 memory card to your computer system, you made use of USB cable. However, before transferring any image, the system displayed an error message i.e “The device is not formatted. Do you want to format it now”. If you accidentally gave command to format the card, then all the files present in your Samsung Galaxy S2 will be gone
  • Unknowingly Deleting Files: Data from Samsung Galaxy S2 could be deleted because of some common human errors like deleting pictures while just previewing them or while deleting some unwanted photos
  • Accidental Formatting: While doing something on your mobile, if you pressed “Format” option then entire data present in the SD card will be lost
  • Wrong Ejection: If you have improperly disconnected your Android phone while its contents are open on computer then the SD card present in it will get corrupt, hence making files stored in it inaccessible
  • Taking Pictures when the Battery Power is Low: Data will be lost if you take photos from your mobile,when the battery is running out of power
  • Other Reasons: Sudden power failure or improper system shut down of the system while transferring data, virus attack, and file system error are some of the other reasons which are responsible for data loss from Samsung Galaxy S2

Features of Yodot Android Data Recovery Software

By utilizing Yodot Android Data Recovery software you can get back all the deleted, lost and formatted files within a couple of minutes. The software deeply scans storage memory of the device, to check lost or deleted files. Since the operating sytem used in Samsung Galaxy S2 is Android, it scans Android application package files (APK) (Android application package file (APK) is the file format used to distribute and install application software onto Android operating system) and recovers them for further use. Other than Samsung, it also recovers all Android brands including HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Micromax any many others.

Quick and Easy Recovery Steps

  • Download the software and install it to your computer system
  • Now plug in your Samsung Galaxy S2, set up USB connection, then run the application
  • Once you run the software, you can see two options on the main window. They are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Click on “Deleted File Recovery” option if you want to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Choose “Lost File Recovery” in order to restore lost and formatted files
  • After you select the option, program checks and displays the drive representing Android device
  • Now click on “Next” to view all the recoverable files present in your Android device
  • Once it display the files, click on the file you want to rescue. You can even select all files by just clicking on “Mark all” option which you can see on left hand side of window
  • Preview the file just to confirm that you have selected right one to retrieve
  • Finally save recovered file in a desired location

Tips for you

  • Do not forget to keep backup of files that you never want to lose
  • Do not disconnect the device from your system while file transfer process is going on
  • To get rid of virus, download an effective antivirus software
  • Do not use your Android phone to click the photos when battery is running out of power