Get Data from Lenovo S660 Android Smartphone

When Lenovo announced its new Android Smartphone i.e. Lenovo S660, it became well accepted ecommerce Smartphone and is still very popular for new advanced apps along with stylish look and marathon battery. However, data loss accidents happen and it is the truth. A number of users are found experiencing data loss from their Lenovo S660 Smartphone. Since it is enabled with smartest camera and other revolutionary apps, obviously you may also have a number of photos and other favorite media files in your Smartphone. A lot of factors are there which may result in data loss from Lenovo S660 Smartphone. Let’s get to know few of them:

  • Mistakenly formatting the Lenovo S660 Smartphone when it is connected to the computer or after receiving format error will delete entire data
  • You may lose Android phone data after ejecting memory card from your phone or laptop when it is in use or after using the card in different devices
  • Errors while upgrading OS in Lenovo S660 Smartphone could also result in missing Android data
  • Restoring Lenovo S660 Smartphone to the factory setting is also a reason for data loss

As you end up with deleting photos, videos and other significant data from your Lenovo S660 phone, first thing you need to put in action is to stop using the phone for downloading or saving new files to it. If files are missing from Smartphone memory card, then also don’t perform any action over the card. Subsequently, utilize any good Lenovo S660 Smartphone data recovery tool to regain entire data.

Lenovo S660 Smartphone recovery tool:

To achieve easy and complete retrieval of data from Lenovo S660 Android Smartphone Yodot Android Data Recovery is the best application for novice users as well as for professionals. You can rely upon this utility to extract lost or deleted media files, APK files and other Android stuff from your Lenovo S660 Smartphone; it also works supports file recovery from various Smartphones and Tablets manufactured by Sony, Samsung, HTC, Micromax, Dell, Acer, Panasonic, etc. Additionally, it is the most trusted application to restore data on android phone after factory reset when Android phone is formatted, erroneous OS upgrade, bricked or inoperable on Windows computers and laptops.

Note: To achieve perfect data recovery from your Lenovo S660 Android Smartphone connect it via USB Mass Storage mode to the computer.

Retrieving data from Lenovo S660 Smartphone

  • Download Android Data Recovery program to your Windows PC and install it successfully
  • Plug your Lenovo S660 Smartphone in USB mass storage to your PC
  • Launch the program and use recovery options given on main screen
  • Select “Deleted File Recovery” option if you have to restore deleted files else pick “Lost File Recovery” option to extract missing data from Lenovo S660 Smartphone
  • The software detects all drives along with Android Smartphone
  • You can see both internal and external storage memory of Lenovo S660 Android Smartphone
  • Select the memory from which you want to recover data and click on “Next”
  • Now you can select file types or skip this step to let the software start scanningfor all files
  • After the selected drive is scanned, you get a window showing all retrieved files from Lenovo S660 Smartphone
  • You can view recovered data in “Data View” and “File Type View” using ‘Preview’ option
  • Finally save required files onto your preferred location on your computer drive using “Save” option

Helpful Suggestions!

  • Save important files of your Lenovo S660 Android on your computer hard drive or in any other removable storage drive
  • Keep scanning your Smartphone with an updated anti-virus program
  • Don’t install unauthenticated apps on your Lenovo S660 phone
  • Stop saving files on your phone immediately after data loss