Tool to Restore Data from Android 2.3 Device

The Android 2.3 operating system also known as Gingerbread, introduces many new and exciting features for users and developers. It facilitate new and streamlined user interface with color schemes as well as added polish. It permits you to make video calls over the Internet so that you can see each other’s face. Other than the basic abilities to add your favorite music to the phone and listen to it, Android 2.3 includes audio effects such as reverb and headphone virtualization.

Android 2.3 offers you to place an outline widget on your home screen which will display all of your forthcoming events without even accessing the calendar. Android also allows many more organizational applications to be downloaded from the Android Market and allow multiple applications to be running at the same time. Even though it facilitates so many amazing features, few users misuse it and face data loss. You are lucky if the lost files are not so important to you. But in case the lost files means a lot to you then spend few minutes in reading this page to get an idea on how to overcome it.

Foreseeable causes for data loss from Android 2.3:

  • As Android 2.3 phone is touch screen based; you should always keep it locked. If you left it unlocked then you may end up deleting few files without your knowledge
  • If your Android 2.3 Smartphone is not installed with antivirus software then viruses might enter into it when you use internet. In some cases viruses might spread widely and delete few files from your Android phone
  • Every android phone contains an option named “Format”. This can be utilized when you wish to clear entire data from Android phone’s storage device. But sometimes few users unknowingly hit this option. This option result in losing complete data from Android 2.3 Phone
  • Transferring files from Android 2.3 phone to your system is a good way to protect your files from any data loss disaster. But if something goes wrong and transfer process is interrupted then you will lose those files from Android 2.3 phone

How to get rid of above situation?

In case you have met with any of the above instances, then search for the lost files in backup copy. But if backup is not created before losing files or the files which you are looking is missing from backup copy then utilize Yodot Android Recovery software. This software is considered as the best recovery utility by many professional exports. It has the capability to scan and restore your files from Android 2.3 Device without altering its original content. You can make use of this utility to get back data from tablets, Phablet, and mobile phones running with Android 2.3 operating system. By using this utility, you could be able to get back documents, media files, and few applications. It supports not only Gingerbread but other Android operating system namely Froyo, Ice cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

Note: Do not make use of this application if your Android Phone doesn’t have UMS mode as this software can only be used on Android phone that support UMS mode.

Steps to get back files from Android 2.3 Phone or tablet:

  • First of all connect your Smartphone or Tablet to the computer with the help of data cable
  • Choose the option USB mass storage from it and run the utility to commence recovery process
  • As soon as you launch the tool you will find two options which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose anyone according to the situation you have come across
  • You will now find the drive that represent your Android device
  • Put check mark over the drive and click on “Next” to continue
  • Let the application to scan the drive and choose file types to be recovered
  • Preview media files for confirmation
  • At the end save restored files in a location that you prefer

Points to be considered

  • To avoid improper operation of Android 2.3 device, keep it locked after using
  • In order to safeguard your files, create backup of it before upgrading Android OS
  • Try not to add any file after facing data loss from Android 2.3 phone or tablet