Get Back Deleted Videos from LG Phone

“Hello guys, I have accidentally erased important video files from LG Android phone. It happened when I was removing unimportant data from phone and I unintentionally selected necessary video files and clicked on Delete. Now is it possible to restore deleted videos from LG phone without any difficulty. Please someone suggest me good video recovery method, thanks in advance.”

LG is the popular Android phone manufacturer that has introduced much elegant and amazing phone models. Users are fond of using Android phones in daily life to contact others, take pictures, record videos, listen to music, to watch movies and other essential stuffs. Without Android phones, today’s people cannot spend a single day peacefully as the phones have become part of daily routine. In such a condition, if vital files like videos are lost from LG phone then it is a great disaster because video files may include critical information. Above mentioned is one such scenario in which videos can get deleted from LG phone. Few other possible circumstances leading deletion of videos from LG Android phone are listed below:

  • While navigating through the options provided on LG phone, unintentional slip ups like pressing ‘Delete’ option on selected video files will remove those files from phone
  • Formatting memory card of LG phone without backing up files from it will definitely erase all files including videos from it
  • Memory card may show format error and become inaccessible on LG phone due to file system corruption, virus intrusion and wrong handling after which formatting is a must
  • Interrupted video file transfer from LG phone to other storage devices can sometimes result in deletion of those videos from phone
  • Restoring LG phone to factory settings in order to resolve issues like frequent hanging of phone, etc. will end up in deletion of files including videos from phone
  • Installing LG phone with unsecured applications can sometimes remove videos from phone’s memory

In case, video files are erased from LG phone and users do not posses any backup, then it is quite common to think on how to retrieve deleted videos from LG phone? There is no need to worry much as deleted videos from LG Android phone can be recovered by employing Yodot Android Data Recovery tool. This is possible because deletion of any files like videos from LG Android phone will not get permanently deleted from phone’s memory. Video files still reside in the same old memory until new data is saved on the phone and they remain invisible to users and the operating system. Thus video or other files can be restored from LG phone using proficient Android recovery tool.

LG phone data recovery tool:

Yodot Recovery for Android is one of the best used and recommended software to retrieve deleted and lost files from LG Android phone. This software is made of outstanding recovery modules that easily find back deleted videos, pictures, APK files and other files from LG phones internal and external memory card. This Android data recovery tool can easily perform data recovery from LG Nexus 4, LG Optimus, LG G Flex, LP Optimus 2X, LP Optimus G Pro, LG Thrill 4G and other Android models in easy steps. It can also rescue files from other Android models like Micromax, Samsung, Micromax, Dell, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Karbonn, Google Nexus, Intex, iBall and so on. The application is compatible to work on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS based computers.

Note:This Android data recovery tool supports videos recovery from LG phones (along with its memory card) that gets connected to Windows system through UMS mode.

Steps to accomplish deleted video recovery from LG phone:

  • Connect your LG Android phone along with its memory card to a Windows computer through UMS mode
  • Download the software on that system and install it
  • After complete installation, run the program from start menu
  • In main screen click on “Deleted File Recovery”, since erased video files have to be recovered
  • Then, select the Android phone memory from which files have to be recovered and click next
  • Allow the software to scan LG phone’s memory to retrieve erased videos
  • When scanning process ends, restored files will get listed in Data view / File Type view
  • Go through the files by toggling between two view types and preview selected video file
  • At last, save rescued files to destination location on host system drive

Important Suggestions:

  • Do not erase any files from LG Android phone unintentionally
  • Always backup video files from LG phone to other storage drives