Samsung Galaxy Ace Recovery

Is there any solution for my problem? Last week while transferring files from my Samsung Galaxy Ace to the system, there occurred sudden power failure. In fact, I was almost done with my work when the power failure happened. After an anxious wait for the power to come back, I switched on the system to continue the transfer process but for my surprise! I noticed that the data from my SD card has become inaccessible. Not only files that I was transferring were lost, but the entire data from my SD card has become inaccessible. I really don’t know what to do now. Those files were very important for me and I have not kept the backup of it. Do help me!!

Have you ever faced such situation mentioned above? Are you looking for a way to restore data from your Samsung Galaxy Ace Smartphone? Then Just relax! Here we got a solution. When you realized that you have lost photos from your Android phone, then immediately stop using Smartphone in which you have stored precious photos, movies and other files. If you use it to store any new data then it will overwrite the previous data and you might lose it forever.

However, apart from above mentioned situation, there could be several reasons that leads to data loss from your Android phone. Few of them are:

  • Wrong Usage: Using Smasung Galaxy Ace’s SD card on different devices or on different computers, leads to either formatting of the memory card or file system corruption resulting in severe data loss
  • Format Error: Sometimes when you connect your Android mobile to computer it displays an error message like “Card needs to be formatted”. This forces you to format the card from the system containing files and hence makes it invisible
  • Improper Removal: While transferring data from your Smartphone to computer, if you disconnected before it finishes transferring, then you might lose data
  • Low Battery: Using your phone to click the photos when the battery is low results in data loss
  • Accidental Deletion: Unknowingly selecting "Select all" option from your phone, while trying to delete a bad photo or in other case deleting some of the photos from your Smartphone when it is displays “not enough memory”
  • Virus Attack: The SD card that is used in your Android may get infected by the virus. This  usually occurs when you exchange SD card data with an infected storage device or over the internet. In certain cases, due to severe infection you may not be able to access the files from SD card, hence may lose entire data from it

To get your files back, you need to make use of Yodot Android Data Recovery software. This software can retrieve all the files from your Smartphone and can prove an efficient answer to one's question on how to recover files from Samsung Galaxy Ace. It rescues all the files including photos, videos, audios, and also .apk files from your Android phone. This application is free from virus and other malware. It provides free trial version by utilizing which, you can check the effectiveness of the program. Furthermore, the price of the software is also affordable.

Make your recovery easy by following these steps

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery Software and install it to your computer
  • After installation, launch the tool and make use of steps displayed on main screen
  • There are two options on main screen. They are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose any one out of the two with respect to situation
  • Once you choose the option, the program shows the drive present in your Android device
  • Now, just click on “Next” to find all the files present in the drive
  • On the next window you can see all the files. Click on file you want to recover otherwise choose “Skip” option to select all files
  • You can now see all the recoverable files. Select the one you want to recover. If you want to recover all the files, then choose “Mark all” and click on “Next”
  • In order to make the recovery process easier, make use of two types of views, i.e “Data Type” and “View Type”
  • Preview the file before saving just to confirm that you have selected the right one to recover
  • Save the recovered file in a desired location


  • Regularly transfer important data from your Samsung Galaxy Ace to your computer
  • Do not add or save any new data to the SD card once you lost data from it
  • Before deleting any file, check whether you have selected the right one to delete
  • Make a habit of keeping the backup of important files
  • Do not save the recovered file again on our Android phone