Recover Photos from Internal Memory of Samsung Galaxy Grand

“My Samsung Galaxy Grand phone is not working properly ever since I have downloaded several applications on it. When I searched over the internet, many users have advised that resetting Samsung Galaxy Grand phone will solve the problem and make it to function normally. When I restored my phone using factory reset function, entire data from Samsung Galaxy Grand phone got erased; although files present in SD card are safe, complete data from internal memory got erased. I do not have backup of few images saved on internal memory of Samsung Galaxy Grand phone. Please someone help me to get back me valuable pictures.”

One of the popular Smartphone which you can see nowadays with many users is Samsung Galaxy Grand. It runs on Jelly Bean operating system which is regarded as Samsung’s best UI based device. It comes pre-loaded with common applications that are needed for day to day usage such as Hangouts, Google search Google plus, video and image editor, chrome, document viewer and lots more. Few users even use this device as minicomputer to manage their daily work. However, as it is loaded with many features users might get confused and lose data from it. One of the examples is stated above and following are few other instances:

  • Accidental Deletion: While trying to move photos from internal memory to SD card of your Samsung Galaxy Grand Smartphone, you may accidently click upon “delete” instead of “Move” option provided on it
  • Software Malfunction: If there are viruses in the application which you installed in your Samsung Galaxy Grand Smartphone, then it might delete photos along with other data from its internal memory
  • OS Up-gradation: Few users try to upgrade their current Android operating system on Samsung Galaxy Grand Smartphone to latest Android OS. However, if something happens in the middle, then entire data from Samsung Galaxy Grand phone’s internal memory gets erased leaving it empty

Samsung Galaxy Grand phone data recovery software:

There are countless reasons responsible for missing or deletion of pictures from internal memory of Samsung Galaxy Grand phone. However, irrespective cause for data loss, you can regain them with the use of appropriate Android phone data recovery software. For best and complete recovery, it is recommended to choose Yodot Android Data Recovery. In a short span of time, this software has become popular and has been preferred by many Android users who have lost their photos, videos, music, apk files and other data due to unforeseen reasons from their Android phone or Tablet. It will scan entire Samsung Galaxy Grand Smartphone and displays internal and external drive separately. Once you select internal memory drive, it will show you each and every file which you lost from internal memory of Samsung Galaxy Grand phone. Along with photos, videos, music and documents, you are able to restore APK files from your Samsung Galaxy Grand Smartphone. Moreover, users can preview of particular restored pictures before saving. Besides recovering data from Samsung Galaxy Grand, it will restore files from other Android Smartphones manufactured by Sony, Dell, Acer, Micromax, LG, Karbonn, Motorola, iBall, Lenovo, Panasonic, etc on Windows OS.

Note: Before downloading Yodot Android Recovery software, make sure that Samsung Galaxy Grand Smartphone supports UMS mode as this application does not support MPT and PTP mode.

Steps to restore photos from Samsung Galaxy Grand’s internal memory:

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Run the application and follow instructions given on the screen
  • You can see two options on the screen which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose anyone according to the situation you have encountered
  • Select internal drive to restore your files from Samsung Galaxy Grand
  • Allow it to scan and then pick recoverable files and start scanning process
  • Make your selection using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview media files recovered and at last save them to desired location on your computer or to any external storage drive


  • Stop clicking photos when Samsung Galaxy Grand phone displays “Low battery” message
  • Keep backup of important files before you upgrade Android operating system on Samsung Galaxy Grand Smartphone