How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?

“Hi, I use Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Android OS Smartphone. When I was using it, all of a sudden it hung up and I am not able to access any data in it or use it for calling. Can anyone suggest a way to get back my important media files in it? Please help… I have lot of audio and video recordings and family pictures present in external and internal memory of my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini phone.”

You may come across the situation like above and be tensed. Do not worry in such circumstances, you can get back your cherished media files using suitable data recovery solutions. It is really heartbreaking incident to lose data from Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. It comes with lot of advanced Smart features and is a scaled version of Samsung Galaxy S4. Mini comes with a resolution almost same as Galaxy S4. It is very easy to type with the small form of Samsung Galaxy S4, i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. You might lose data from S4 Mini as you lose from any other Smartphones. Some are as given below for your information.

Cases when data is lost from Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini:

  • If you perform Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini then all files which you had downloaded or transferred will be lost from the phone
  • You may delete data from Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini by mistake. Instead of deleting some unwanted files, you may delete important ones in a flurry
  • When Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is formatted, entire data on the Smartphone will be lost as the record from file table where information about files are stored and other information will be deleted
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini data transfer process may get interrupted due to sudden connection loss by data cable disconnection or any other reason

There are many other scenarios like above wherein you lose data from Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. In such cases, you can perform Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini data recovery using Yodot Android Data Recovery software.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini data recovery:

Yodot Android Data Recovery software helps you to scan Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini thoroughly and can display the result in very short time duration. It is capable of restoring images, MP3 files, videos and other audio files. You can even retrieve .apk files from S4 Mini. You can get back deleted or lost files from internal as well as external memory of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The Smartphone uses microSD card of up to 64GB for external data storage purposes. It supports data recovery from different card brands like Lexar, SanDisk, Transcend and so on.

Note: The software works to restore files from all Android devices which are detectable in UMS mode on your PCs.

Procedural details for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini data recovery:

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software and install it on your computer
  • Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to the computer
  • Run the utility and select “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” from main screen
  • The Android device plugged in to your PC will be detected by the tool and then click on “Next” to proceed with recovery process
  • You will get the icon of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, select it and click on “Next”
  • From next screen select file types which you want to recover and click on “Next”
  • The tool starts scanning the Smartphone and displays the result in two views namely “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Select a file and click on “Preview” to view recovered data
  • Save the files on a computer drive using “Save” option


  • Use your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone with care and avoid accidental deletion or loss of files
  • In case there is no anti-virus install one on your Android devices to keep away from viruses