Retrieve Photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone

“Hello, I have erased recently captured pictures on my Samsung Galaxy S4 while trying to perform some task. Since, those pictures were recently captured I do not possess any backup. Thus, unevenly lost images from my Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. Can anyone please suggest me good solution to recover photos from Galaxy S4?”

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most recognized Smartphone model among various Samsung Android phones. This excellently designed Smartphone has a large full HD screen that support multi-taking. This stunning gadget is a good competitor for HTC and Apple iPhone series of Smartphones. User can perform vast number of tasks on Samsung GS4 like capturing HD quality pictures, videos, playing music, video calling, internet access and so on. Nevertheless, pictures captured on Samsung GS4 are not completely safe from data loss situations. Just like in the above scenario it is very clear that even Galaxy S4 users face loss of photos from this wonderful gadget.

Commonly seen scenarios for losing image files from Galaxy S4 are:

  • Restoring Galaxy S4 Smartphone to its default factory settings will erase complete data saved on it including the photo files
  • Formatting the storage media like SD card present on Samsung GS4 will wipe all the photos from Smartphone
  • Abrupt elimination of Smartphone or its storage media while accessing any photos on it may sometimes lead to missing of those pictures
  • Improper transfer of images from GS4 to system due to sudden power surge or disconnection of device may even render loss of photos from the Android phone
  • In other scenarios, data on Samsung S4 can go missing due to software conflicts, virus infection, using any unreliable third party application on the device, etc. and cause severe picture file loss

Whatever may be the situation in which photos are removed from Samsung S4, there is a better way to extract those lost photos. With the use of excellent recovery program, it is very easy to perform Samsung S4 photo recovery but only if the phone is not used for any data activities after encountering photo loss.

Samsung S4 Photo Recovery Software :

The most recommended and safest Smartphone recovery software is Yodot Android Data Recovery. This software has extraordinary advanced functionality to detect and recover files like pictures, videos, songs, application files, etc. from Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone. Tool supports to restore photos from various Android Smartphones / Tablets of Samsung as well as LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Dell, Acer, Micromax, etc. This Smartphone recovery tool is compatible on major Windows operated systems like Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and 2008 OS versions.

Steps to retrieve image files from Samsung S4:

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery software on to Windows system
  • Connect your Galaxy S4 from which pictures were lost to that system
  • Now, launch the utility by following given steps
  • In the main screen, select the drive that represents externally connected S4 Smartphone
  • Next, you will see these options “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select and click on appropriate option based on photo loss scenario and click next
  • Once you click next, recovery process starts and progress bar shows recovery status
  • Upcoming screen shows all files recoverable from the Android device
  • Select required files to be restored in Data view / File Type view
  • Have a quick view at the recovered picture files using Preview option
  • Specify new location on the system drive and save these restore image files

Important Note:

  • Go through the guidelines before performing unknown tasks on Samsung S4 that may cause data loss
  • Maintain powerful antivirus software to get rid of malicious viruses
  • Do not interrupt image files transfer process by disconnecting the cable